Between the World and Me Summary and Response

‘Between the World and Me' is a letter written by from Ta-Nehisi Coates to his 15-year-old son educating him on what it means to be living in America as a ‘black body' and als o pleading to him to reject the false optimistic view known as the ‘dream' . Coates speaks of about the life lessons he learnt as a child in West Baltimore. He realizes that the constant punishment from his father as well as the attire and behavior from guys in his neighborhood were all related to the fear being instilled on them by white America.
Coates rejects the ‘Dream' of Americans because he believes this dream is built upon white supremacy and America's tendency to overlook centuries of oppression against black people. The author reminisces about his time at Howard University and how it shaped him. He argues that ‘race' is a social construct . Coates believes that white America also fears the power and preeminence of the black body hence their oppressive actions.
I agree with the author's point of view as I also reject the ‘dream' painted by America as it just a disguise for cruel history of America towards black people.