Beloved Adenuga
Professor Seifert
ENGW 102 sec 10
13 September,2017
Unemployment of Graduates in Nigeria
Nigeria is currently faced with a lot of problems which includes but not limited to Boko Haram insurgencies in the northern part of Nigeria, poor infrastructures, unemployment, bad road s , irregular power supplies , inadequate health system s , environmental pollution s , disunity as some are fighting for a division of Nigeria into two separate countries-Biafra war. These problems are so numerous that it will take years of collective effort s on the part of individual Nigerians to br ing this country into actualization as the giant of Africa. However, t his research will focus majorly on the issue of graduate u nemploy ment in Nigeria. It will answer the questions about the causes, effect s and solution s to this problem . The cause s of Graduate unemployment include corruption of political office holders, lack of investments in industrialization and inadequate job skill s of most graduates due to the poor educational system in Nigeria. Unemployment has majorly led to increased crime rate , prostitution and poverty. Unemployment also has psychological effects on the unemployed such as depression, low self-esteem and increased stress level. To solve this problem , there needs to be improvement in the quality of education at tertiary institutions to enable students to acquire the skills needed to make them employable , government policies should be made to encourage foreign investors and to favor the growth of small scale companies. There should also be enforcement of laws against corruption to prevent embezzlement of funds by government officials.
To emphasis the need for the research on this topic, it is important to get an insight into the current trend of graduate unemployment in Nigeria. The graduate unemployment r ate in Nigeria increases exponential as about 200,000 people graduate from tertiary institutions yearly with no job opportunities available for them. The massive number of these graduates get compounded over time. In other words, majority of people that graduate in a year end up not get employed therefore adding to the number of unemployed graduates from previous years. This is proven by the usual massive turnout of graduates whenever there are little job opportunities available. Since the number of applicants for a job is massive, it makes it difficult to select people that are well qualif ied for the job. Employees are then forced to look beyond qualifications and employ people based on favoritism. Due to frustration, graduates take jobs that pay below their qualifications or not even related to their field of study just to earn a living . That is, graduates that are meant to be working in factories, hospitals, business enterprises are found working in stores, in elementary schoo ls or doing other low pay jobs. In other cases, some graduates engage in criminal ac tivities and i llegal activities to make money majorly robbery, online scam, prostitution and drug trafficking.
There are various factors that cause the m assive unemployment in Nigeria. This research will help answer the question: What are the causes of unemployment in Nigeria? It is very important to know the root of this problem because it will help makes the solution easy. One major cause of unemployment is the corruption of the government. The government embezzle funds and resources that are meant to create more job opportunities . Instead of investing m oney into building industries that will employ thousands of people, government officials prefer to use that money for personal enri chment. To reduce corruption the Economic and Financial crime commission(EFCC) in Nigeria must be strengthened and strict punishment should to given to political officers that are found guilty. In the research paper other causes as listed in the thesis will be discussed and solutions will be given to each of them.
Unemployment has made the youth s to think of dubious and negative ways to make money. There is a term referred to as "419" in Nigeria, this is a corrupt practice in which the victim is convinced to give mo ney to a stranger. Unemployed young men usually engage in this practice to extort money from ladies overseas by disguising to be