Beloved Adenuga
Professor Seifert
ENGW 102 sec 10
13 September,2017
Unemployment of Graduates in Nigeria
Nigeria is currently faced with a lot of problems which includes but not limited to Boko Haram insurgency in the northern part of Nigeria, poor infrastructures, unemployment, bad road, irregular power supply, inadequate health system s , environmental pollution s , disunity as some are fighting for a division of Nigeria into two separate countries-Biafra war. These problems are so numerous that it will take years of collective effort on the part of individual Nigerians to br ing this country into actualization as the giant of Africa. But t his research will focus majorly on the issue of graduate u nemployment in Nigeria. It will discuss the causes, the effect s and the solution to this problem .
About 200,000 people graduate from universities yearly but majority of them end of not having job. Due to frustration, some of these graduates take jobs that pay below their qualifications or not even related to their field of study just to earn a living . That is, graduates that are meant to be working in factories, hospitals, business enterprises are found working in stores, in elementary schools or doing other low pay jobs. This issue is so bad that even those that are highly qualified for a job end up not getting it. Due to cumulative unemployment over the years, lot of people apply to few job vacancies, this makes getting job difficult because e mployees are forced to look beyond qualifications and employ people based on favoritism and connection s.
There are various factors that cause the massive unemployment in Nigeria. The major cause is government corruption. The government embezzle funds and resources that are meant to create more job opportunities . Instead of investing m oney into building industries that will employ thousands of people, government officials prefer to use that money for personal enrichment. Another factor is that there are no favorable conditions like regular electricity supply , good roads to make existing industries strive. The absence of these conditions increases the expenses of existing companies causing them to fold-up and discourages foreign investors from coming to Nigeria. When existing companies fold up, the few employed people get unemployed leading to increased unemployment.
Unemployment has made the youth s to think of dubious and negative ways to make money. There is a term referred to as "419" in Nigeria, this is a corrupt practice in which the victim is convinced to give mo ney to a stranger. Unemployed young men usually engage in this practice to extort money from ladies overseas by disguising to be someone else. Some other effect s of unemployment are t he increased robberies, kidnappings, drug trafficking and prostitution. If the issue of unemployment can be resolved there will be an overall decrease in crime rate.
Nigeria is the number one country of origin of international students from Africa . According to data from theĀ  UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS), the number of Nigerian students abroad in creased by 164 percent in the de cade between 2005 and 2015 alone- from 26,997 to 71,351 . This is also evident in the relatively large number of Nigerian here at Howard. This only depicts that unemployment in Nigeria get worse yearly therefore people consider studying abroad as a solu tion to unemployment . But studying abroad is not a solution to unemploy ment, Nigerians cannot continue to leave because of the fear of unemployment. So, somethings must be done to reduce unemployment. Government should create industrial friendly environment. Improvement of the power sector and transport systems will cut the production cost so that businesses can strive. Less taxes should be imposed on small scale businesses. These small-scale industries can grow to employ a good number of unemployed graduate given that they are supported and not just neglected . Strict laws against corruption should be established and enforced to prevent embezzlement of public funds by government officials
I will be very detailed to enlighten people that are no t quite familiar with this issue in Nigeria . I will also be as analytical as possible by giving good estimates of figures where needed and