ENG 102-10
28 August 2017
Newspaper Writing Assignment
I was out to protest against the Unite the Right rally organized by Richard Spencer. The rally was a protest against removing a statue of General Robert E. Lee from Charlottesville Park. This statue is a symbol of confederacy and confederacy is all about white supremacy, racism and oppression of the blacks. Though, the white nationalists may argue that taking down this monument would blot out part of America's history but why should the statue of a man that embraced whites supremacy and enslaved the blacks not be removed? This statue serves as a remembrance to how the blacks were oppressed and turned to slaves and in a world where we preach equality a statue like this should not continue to stand.
The whites that protested in support of the rally feel that we are trying to take over their country but that's not the case. We are trying to advocate for equality in rights. We shouldn't be judged by the color of our skins. One might feel that racism has reduced compared to the days of Robert Lee, John Wayne and so on but racism is continually growing, the older ones teach the younger ones to be racist and this is evident in the number of protesters that came out to support the rally. Racism today may not necessarily be in the form of slavery but racism is still everywhere. Larger percentage of those subject to police brutality or imprisoned are blacks. In schools, black children face harder punishment for the same offence committed by a white kid. Even in the church! We were out to make sure our voices were heard, the statue of Robert Lee must be removed!
The approach of the rally was not the best way to make a claim because it resulted in violence. This shows that the white nationalists are ready to do anything to make sure they preserve ugly remembrances of how the blacks were treated. If a supporter of this rally could do something as terrible and cruel as driving a vehicle into a group of people all because they are not racist, then we are not going to back down on our fight against racism. The death of our beloved Heather Heyer is so painful and from what I heard she lived a good life advocating for equality. We won't allow her death to be for nothing. We will continue fighting for equality. While it will never make up for the loss of a member of our community, we will pursue charges against the driver of the vehicle that caused her death and are confident justice will prevail. Blacks life mater!