Beloved Adenuga
Professor Seifert
ENGW 102 sec 10
13 September,2017
Unemployment in Nigeria
Nigeria is currently faced with a lot of problems which includes but not limited to Boko Haram insurgency in the northern part of Nigeria, poor infrastructures, unemployment, bad road, irregular power supply, inadequate health system, environmental pollution, disunity as some are fighting for a division of Nigeria into two separate countries-Biafra war. These problems are so numerous that it will take years of collective effort on the part of individual Nigerians to bring this country into its proper actualization as the giant of Africa. On a closer look, each of t hese problems are majorly caused by corruption and bad governance of leaders. For this research, I will d iscuss about the issue of corruption as it relates to u nemployment in Nigeria. In Nigeria, there are lots of graduates with good grades that cannot get a good job. Because of frustration, some of them take jobs that pa y below their qualification s or not even related to their field of study. Graduates that are meant to be working in factories, hospitals, business enterprises are found working in stores, in elementary schools or doing other low pay jobs. What are the causes of this ? C umulative number of unemploy ed graduates over the years makes it difficult to get jobs even if you are qualified for it. Employees appoint people based on favoritism and connections, some ladies even offer their bodies to get a job! But here lies the question what has been done to stop these practices? Basically, nothing has been done to stop all these because government officials are busy enriching their pocket instead of facing this issue with all seriousness. The government is not concerned with creating jobs or the right conditions for jobs to strive. Therefore, in Nigeria a lot of businesses have folded up. In further research, I will explain in detail the various ways in which corruption has led to the increased number of unemployed graduates. Nigeria is the number one country of origin of international students from Africa . According to data from the  UNESCO Institute of Statistics  (UIS), the number of Nigerian students abroad in creased by 164 percent in the de cade between 2005 and 2015 alone- from 26,997 to 71,351 . This is also evident in the relatively large number of Nigerian here at Howard. This only depicts that the issue of unemployment in Nigeria get worse yearly therefore people consider studying abroad as a solu tion to unemployment . But studying abroad is not a solution to unemploy ment, Nigerians cannot continue to leave because of the fear of unemployment. So, somethings must be done to reduce unemployment. I will give various ways to which unemployment can be combated in Nigeria. Another thing I will research about is the effect that unemployment has on Nigeria. Unemployment has made the youth to think of dubious and negative ways to make money. There is a term referred to as "419" in Nigeria , this is a corrupt practice in which the victim is convinced to give money to a stranger. The crime rate in Nigeria is also on the increase, which is not surprising because what do you expect from a bunch of jobless youth s ?
I will be as analytical as possible by giving good estimates of figures where needed. I will also use charts to express ideas. I will also give various past events to explain the effect of unemployment on Nigeria. This project should be easy because I have in-depth knowledge of the topic to be researched such that I can add my own ideas and thoughts. The major problem I foresee is the credibility of the various sources I will get my information from. I also think that if I were to do this research in Nigeria I will be able to gather more information than what I can get from the internet.
I chose to research about unemployment among various problem that faces Nigeria because it affects me directly. I would not have been here if there are better job opportunities in Nigeria. What is the essence of studying in a