There are many things that can be considered barriers to your critical thinking. Things like the media, your family and friends, classmates, or any social interaction that could potentially influence the way you think.
For me personally I find it very difficult to block out opinions and influences from my family. They are the center of most of the things I do so therefore I feel like my decision about things need to be based on that. I would like to work harder at telling my family how I feel, but then conduct the research and studying I need to get all the facts. If and then I will make my decisions but not a fraction sooner. I need to explain to my family why and what I am doing so I can help them grow and understand the importance of critical thinking. I believe if they understand why I am trying to change my way of thinking it will be easier for them to adjust to.
I also think one of my big barriers to critical thinking is the time crunch. I would rather just take the time to make my decision based off things I think I already know. If I take all the time I need to research a subject I know I would get a better understanding and deeper meaning but I have things to do. I feel like I need to prioritize the thinking process in my everyday life so it doesnít feel like a burden but something I just do because I need to. I need to do everything I can to incorporate critical thinking in my life so I donít feel like it is time consuming but rather a part of my day.