Carl Levin
269 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Mr. Carl Levin:

In the Book of Christ, the institution of marriage’s first purpose is referred to as “for the mutual joy of two persons,” though the people of Michigan still refer to the issue of same-sex marriage as a “non-ethical (politically and religiously) action.” Because the Book of Christ speaks so loosely of marriage and sodomy, Christians merely assume that the institution of marriage can only be between a man and a woman, and they back up this belief by saying that in the Book, all marriages were between a man and a woman. In the Book, women are seen as property, slaves, to their husband; hardly what we see as the institution of marriage in the modern world. Jesus Christ says only that divorce should be avoided, not that marriage cannot be between two of the same gender. There is no biblical justification that same-sex marriage is religiously unethical.

As you can probably assume, I write to you today to address the issue of same-sex marriage in Michigan. As a strong Christian myself, I do not agree that the idea of love should be a political or religious debate. Americans take pride in how much we value equality, but where is the equality? Why should I be able to enjoy a life with the one I love merely because that person is a man, while another woman cannot do the same merely because she loves another woman? Equality is what drove immigrants to our nation, and now we are defying this unique quality of our country. America is a land of many cultures and ideas, acceptance of a broad range of people. These Americans are still Americans, whether they love their gender or the other, and nothing makes them any more of a monster than you and I. They are merely pursuing the life they choose, seeking happiness in their own way, whilst still not interfering with others; the pursuit of happiness, another value that sets America apart from other countries.

It is time for change in Michigan. Every year, more national polls show that more people are supporting same-sex marriage. In a recent poll in our state, 44% of citizens supported same-sex marriage while only 42% opposed it (14% were unsure). These numbers have changed rapidly over the years, with more citizens openly supporting same-sex marriage in Michigan now more than ever. Ann Arbor was the first city in the country to pass a Gay Rights Ordinance (1972) and elect an openly gay official. This was 40 years ago when a much smaller amount of citizens showed support same-sex marriage. With more support now than ever, it is my hope that you will take action to start a movement to legalize same-sex marriage in our state. These people need the equality that each and every American is promised through our own Constitution. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and considering my views on this issue.


Alex Swim