Physical appearance: The main character in this sketch is in his 40s. He has a professional dressing and clean aspect. A robust posture with a sarcastic smile in his face. Dark hair and dark eyes. He is an average height. He wears a nice watch with black shoes and a black sport coat with a polo shirt inside. He is a little overweight but he believes he is in good shape.

Personality: He is stubborn and likes to show off. He is somewhat sarcastic in times. He can be hard to follow in a conversation since he has some attention deficiency. He has a deep, medium-slow voice with some accelerations. He can change his moods in seconds and likes to talk more than necessary.

Environment influence: This character is the manager of a very well-known restaurant. He is married with three children. Due to the influence of money, his family is more worried about all the material aspects and they do not show no respect for him so he feels lonely inside. He worries about his looks due to the influences of all the high society that he encounters at his job and due to his wife who keeps embarrassing him in front of all his costumers.