Professor Voll
English 101: Freshmen Writing
12 Dec.2014

Desirable Future
In today’s world, it is rare that a great number of people spend their entire lives essentially going after something that is not meant for them, especially in the pursuit of wealth and careers. People often have the notion that those certain things will bring them happiness and satisfaction. However, after people receive these things, instead of feeling content, those people will ultimately feel a sense of emptiness.
Society is money oriented simply because money is imperative for everyday life. Statistically speaking, there are several people who have an extreme interest in money and would commit to anything to successfully attain that money. Virtually, a lot of people intend to believe money will bring them pleasure, but in reality it often does not give people joy. Money can bring unneeded frustrations that cause stress, not happiness. In the long run, people will realize that the particular thing they were doing their whole lives is not meant for them because they wanted something else. In life, people forget that what they are truly after is happiness; joy is what people really want. After chasing money, people would eventually being to feel miserable because the money they desired was not what they really wanted out of life. For example, most people who win the lottery do not step forward right way to claim the money. They typically wait a few days to create a plan and think over what they will do with their money. The winners begin to notice that although it is an honor to win the money, it could lead to a vexation, potentially creating problems. If people win the lottery and do not use their money wisely, they may end up losing all of their fortune. Therefore, they will come to a realization that they did not desire to win the lottery because it causes many problems that people have to encounter because being a winner of the lottery involves a lot stress. It may not be meant for them due to their inability to handle the probable pressures that arise, leading them to the realization that winning the lottery may not be what he or she wanted overall. Feeling very happy is what people want to envision for their future. It is very important to be happy in the career that you choose; everyone wants to be able to adore their job, and everyone should be able to do so.
Another thing that people go after is jobs. The majority of people anticipate that specific jobs will welcome them to a sense of happiness in their lives. On the contrary, this is not always the case. People will start to feel a lack of contentment with themselves. To illustrate, many people attend college to attain a quality education in a field where they can make a lot of money. Money cannot make you happy. An excessive amount of money is what most people think of when searching for a job. People usually attempt to get a career that will provide them a good income or a certain position. To be honest, people think that these things will make them feel on top of the world, as if it will make them completely happy. People could possibly feel joyful for a while, however the happiness they have is not considered to be prolonged. That sense of happiness will not last long. When people are never home to spend time with their loved ones or attend family activities, they have second thoughts about what is really important. If people continue seeking jobs that are going to give them a reasonable income or certain status only, they will ultimately come to an understanding that chasing that job was not the right choice because they wanted something else. What people truly want is something that is going to make them feel like they have fulfilled something in their life, oppose to feeling depressed. The best thing to have is satisfaction: a happy feeling because of something you enjoy not something you know was not honestly meant for you. In the end, people recognize and start to feel disappointed with themselves because of the poor decision they made.
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