JULY 6, 2015
FIN 419

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” (Jobs, 2015) Steve Jobs knew that his baby, Apple INC., would be a success as long as he worked hard and never gave up. From the very first product, the APPLE I (Apple I, 2015) to the many products today, Apple has been a success in the innovation department. Today Apple’s worth is more than any other company within the United States and it’s not hurting in the foreign companies either. Apple has many stores around the world and with some of the new products that its developing it will stay that way. Even though weakness are not public knowledge, regulatory bodies and contemporary issues because takes knowledge from agencies and applies them to their decision making and challenges that are faced and dealt with to better the company's outside perspective.
How Apple’s Global Investment Banking Process has assisted the Organization?
“The company has changed music forever and had a big impact on publishing—and now it's taking aim at a growing segment of the financial sector” (Roberti, 2014). Apple is constantly making changes in every sector and now in the global investment banking process. On September 9th, 2014 Apple launched Apple pay. Apple pay is an alternative way for consumers who own the latest technology to pay using their Apple device. Customers can download the Apple pay APP and then input their credit card information, either MasterCard or Visa and with one little wave of the device checkout is done!
Global investment banking, is a type of banking that creates capital for not only the company but for the investing bank as well. The investing bank also will aid in the process of trades, mergers with institution and public investors. As in relation to Apple, Apple pay creates capital for their partners MasterCard, Visa and American Express. When customers input their information it is causing customers to use their credit card thus creating capital for the bank. This has assisted Apple with making relationships with banks in order for them to receive capital. Investment banks are happy with Apple, because global sells has been higher than estimated. In 2013 reports Apple sold 50 million in sales for just the IPhone which is higher than estimated. Apple’s steady growth has opened them up for new relationships globally. Apple now has global relationships all over the globe with their technology advanced products.
Explain how regulatory bodies affect financial decision making
Regulatory bodies are defined as “Government body formed or mandated under the terms of a legislative act (statute) to ensure compliance with the provisions of the act, and in carrying out its purpose” ("Regulatory Body", 2015). There are numerous government regulatory bodies that influence decisions that are made in the business world, both international and domestic. The government regulatory bodies we expect, but there are other private regulatory bodies that can influence or change a financial decision.
Government regulatory committees can make it more expensive for businesses such as Apple to operate by imposing strict guidelines in which a business is taxed and can have stipulations imposed on their business. Apple is a global organization that makes many of their financial decisions based on regulatory bodies or agencies such as the Securities Exchange Committee, Federal Reserve Board and World Trade Organization. When different regulatory bodies all influence how Apple makes its decisions as they have to take the regulations into consideration, allowing for room for their organization to grow. Many of the financial decisions have to do with who they can afford to conduct business with, a partnership for aspects of their business cannot be viewed as negative. By doing this the regulatory agencies can impose penalties and fines that could cost more than that relationship was worth. Apple has experienced the level of financial success because they take every aspect in to consideration before they make decisions that could impact their business for years to come.
There are private regulatory bodies in the business world, businesses need to pay close attention so that they follow the rules in the private sector. One of the different regulatory bodies that Apple interacts with are the different banks that loan them capital, if they were to default or