One way that equality 7-2521 is demonstrating the quote “ I think therefore, I am” by Rene Descartes is that he thinks and acts differently than the other people in his society is by the way he feels and thinks about Liberty 5-3000 or “Golden One”. In chapter 2 page 42 it states, “We had broken so many laws, and today broken one more. Today, we spoke to the Golden One.” This statement shows that no matter what anyone else does or thinks he was willing to break laws just to talk to the Golden One. This proves that he is different from the other people in the society.

Our society in the 21st century is somewhat similar to the society of the future in Ayn Rand’s novel “Anthem”. We have some of the same principals and morals that they have. A couple of examples are cliques or groups that we have everywhere. Such as in school, at work, at home and around our lives. In “Anthem” there are groups of jobs such as “doctor”, street sweeper”, and “teacher”. We have jobs and we refer ourselves by our rank in that job. In “Anthem” their society they are taught to think as many and not as an individual. We teach young children to share and to be good to the group and that the good of the group comes before the good of one. For example, we tell kids to help an old lady cross the street. That isn’t looking out for yourself. However, this may not necessarily be a bad thing though it is in a certain context such as in Anthem’s society. Our society is not at all perfect, but perfection cannot become so without conformity.