1. Stand up for your rights
We can see that the Malayan people have the rights to to govern their own country by their own people and no outside forces should get involve. The people must stand up for their rights against outside forces. From the movie we see that the British Empire wanted to establish Malayan Union that wants to take control over Malaya. Because of this, the people went on strike demanding for the Malayan union not to be formed .
2.Good strategy
In order to win a fight, we must have a good strategy. A good strategy makes it eas ier to take down the enemy. In the movie, a good strategy was conducted by the MPAJA where they targeted the plantations first which was the economic bone of the British empirein Malaya. It was a smart idea by the MPAJA because then they wont have resources.
3. To never give up
When we are down, we should still go forward and never g ive up .We should not lose hope . When the communist attacked and killed the plantation to disrupt the economy ,the planters and British did not run away but they prepared themselves to fight back by equipping themselves with firearms .
4.United against a common enemy
We should always stay united no matter wht race or religion we are because together we are stronger like the Malay phrase 'bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh'. By being being united we can achieve greater things in life. From the movie, united can be seen when the British decided to work together with the locals to take down the communist threat.
5.B e prepared and educated
If we want to achieve something, we need to educate ourselves first. We must prepare ourselves beforehand if things don't go as planned. This we can see when the British wanted to defeat the communist where they are hiding in the jungle but they are slowed down by the thick jungle and not prepared.

6. Psylchological tactics
You gain people's trust by using psychological tactics. If you want something from a person , you need to gain his trust. Psychologial tactics can be seen in the movie when General Sir Gerald Templer adopted the "hearts and minds" campaign which ultimately gained the support of the people .
7. Leadership skills are important
Leadership is important so that the people have someone to rely on and know what is best for them. Leader holds a big responsibility for an organization ,community ,country etc. Bad leadership skills can be seen when British High Commissioner Sir Edward Gent cannot handle the pressure from the communist on the contrary to the good leadership skills led by General Sir Gerald Templer who did great in helping to defeat the communist.
8. Bravery
We should be brave in what we believe in or what we are fighting for. In this movie see the bravery of the communist to fight the British eventhough they are low in numbers. Despite they are in huge disadvantage compared to the British forces ,they still willing to fight them.
9. Language barrier
It is important for us to learn other languages also. This will allow us to be able to communicate with other people of different languages thus making it easier to understand each other so there wil be no misunderstanding. From the movie we see that British learn our language and Chinese so that can communicate.
10. Patriotism
Everyone must have this patriotism value implemented in ourselves. It is important for us in Malaysia to feel the need to defend and fight for our country. In the movie ,the people wanted to get rid of the communist terrorising the Malayan people so they cooperate with the British to take down the communist and accomplished it .