Amber Mileski
22 January 2017
Journal 1

Amy Tan Mother Tongue
I chose the article Mother Tongue because the article had more pages in it and I thought it would contain more information. The main idea in this article is Amy and the way she talks to others and how she talks to her mother. She has given many long lectures in large groups of people, but she was made aware that when her mother is present she speaks in a different way. Amy sits back and realizes that she does speak in a different way when her mother is present but also when her husband is present. She speaks in a different language when her family is present.
The theme of this passage would be the multiple languages that Amy uses. Amy speaks different Englishes , she thinks her mother's English had an effect on limiting her possibilities in life. She speaks in many languages, the languages differ when she is talking to her family, talking to students when giving a lecture and when she was talking to children. This is all significant because it gives Amy some advantages of talking with others in different Englishes that her mother and children can't.
As for an experience of my own, I can say that when I am talking to my grandma or my children I speak it a different tone than when I am at work speaking to my co-workers. I will be out in public and I hear everyone else and their conversations and it all just seems like a different language to me. I know their speaking English but when I hear it I know I am interpreting it in a whole different way than the individual they are talking to.