"Adlileh! Adlileh!" the sound of my mother's voice forced me to stir out of a deep sleep. "Adlileh!" I grunted slightly so that she would continue. "Adlileh my darling you would never guess the news I received today!" not waiting for my reply mother continued, "Your cousin's good mother's son's best friend's brother has agreed to marry you!" By this point I was beyond confused, that I just reflected my mother's excitement. "He is coming over this afternoon so there's no time to waste!" my mother yanked me out of bed and making list of what was in store for my today, "Your aunty is working on a dress for you…." It only just came to my realisation that I had never met this boy in my life, "…..Rayseh has agreed to do your makeup so that there is no way that he can change his min-"
"Mother how can I marry someone I have never met before what if he is a vile, poor and rude."
"Darling don't be ridiculous I wouldn't give you away to a man of any of those qualities, he is rich and has a lot of potential, besides you are 21 time to get married and start making a life with someone it's final anyways your opinion is irrelevant!"
People fear the Muslims and their opinions because of the way they are portrayed global. Because of the recent attacks that have occurred during the last few years Muslims have been stereotyped as having warped ideas of what is truly right this article talks about the how people should far the opinions of the Muslim community in Britain which can be influenced through this stereotyping all the community as extremist.