Acting Adrenaline

The thrill of being on stage, the thrill of making people laugh, the thrill of giving joy to the audience member waiting in their seat for the show to start. Acting on stage is like being able to be a whole new person without having to worry about anything for a while. Sometimes I can hardly contain myself when I'm on stage doing what I love most. When the spot light is on me my eyes shimmer like diamonds. The lights are blinding but beautiful. The smell of concession stand food is enlightening. The night before the show is like having the weight of the world on your back. When I first get on stage my hands start shaking, my heart starts pounding, I start blinking repeatedly. Acting is the art of being a performer and acting is truly that an art form.
A life without the ability to act would not be a life worthwhile. The thrill I get when I am on stage is un-imaginable by an outsider. The feeling of being on stage brings more adrenaline to your body then a heart patient waiting for the shot he must get to save his life. Acting brings me what I need to feel alive and make me feel normal.
Acting brings a feeling me a feeling of happiness. I may not have been blessed with the ability to play sports, or the ability to be a successful billionaire at the age of 17 but one thing I was sure blessed with is the ability to act. Acting is my adrenaline rush that makes me feel like I can walk on water without any

complications. Acting is my bridge to terabithia that lets my mind and body wonder all over the place in front of hundreds of people without feeling like I am being laughed at.

The feeling I get before I get on stage is the same feeling of having a 15 pound baby kick me in the stomach. That all goes away as soon as I get on stage, the feeling just drops. I am now able to be myself in an environment I am use to. There are no bullies to torture me to laugh at me for being different; everyone is now laughing with me for being funny and me being me. There is no other feeling in the world that can compare to the way I feel when I am acting on stage. The way I feel for acting has no comparison.