About Me
There are many different places in the world that have their own features. Besides that, different people also have different personalities. People like places that make them feel comfortable and relaxed, and that place can express the personality of that person effectively. I chose the airport as the best place to define who I truly am as a person and how I relate to others. It best describes my personality because I am a very complex individual. When you are in the airport, you would get mixed feelings about every aspect that's happening around the area. I feel like it best sums up the mixed emotions that I usually feel every single day. In my opinion, the broad spaces and various people from all around the world in the airport are bright symbols of my outgoing, curious, friendly and organized personality.
The airport is a wide area of opportunities. It opens its door to people coming from any place in the world. They come from all sorts of entrances. Those that arrive to come home, those that are in for business trips, and those who are just enjoying the free time of spending some vacation time in the place. I can relate the different gates of entrance in the airport with my very adaptive attitude; because of this attitude, I have met certain people from different walks of life. I am not shy or afraid to talk with them; instead, I am an outgoing person and feel happy to communicate with them. As an International Student, this relates very closely to me. Every person I meet, no matter how different they are culturally, I am comfortable with in every single day. I know how to relate to people like me who are not locals in community, those who are staying here for the benefit of a good school. It best shines on my complex personality wherein I can accommodate people even when they are not locals.
Because I am an outgoing person and meet many people in my life, I am very curious about them and their lives. Other times, when I go out or talk with people in my circle, I also get to know people who are just traveling by, enjoying what this place can bring to them. Although they are different in their own ways, I would tend to get too curious and be sucked up to what these people could tell. You would get an impression that I am a curious person. I want to learn about other aspects in people's life. I hunger for more information and more things to learn about. Furthermore, like the airport, it never run out of portals to get sources of information as different people come to pass by here. I learn more and more each day and do not get tired of absorbing every bit of information about different types of people. Not only do these people vary from each other in different ways, they bring me interesting tales and let me realize some important things that help me overcome the challenges of day-to-day life from these tales. That's another side of me that I tremendously acknowledge: I love to learn how to plan. With this personality, the stories that people share to me contribute to my being complex and to my being absorptive of my own developmental personality.
Like the airport as well, the place being open and welcoming also talks about another personality of mine: I am a very friendly person. The airport accepts people all around the world. I have this similarity with the airport. I love to meet new people. I do not choose who to associate with or to be reluctant to people who feel that they are outsiders; I am an open book ready to accept friendship from any person willing to come by and add to the pages of my life. This personality has helped me gain not only good connections in society, but it also made me even more flexible on how to socialize with people. This personality keeps me from being a part of the modern and classical world. This personality has absolutely opened several doors for me as well. Once you open yourself up