A Weekend Job: More Money And Sense

At the beginning of the 19th century most of children had to work instead of getting education. It was physically, socially and morally dangerous and harmful. Unfortunately, children’s work was the necessity of that time. Nowadays, there is not such necessity, but many children have a tendency to do part-time work combining it with their studies. My opinion is that a weekend job can help children to get some money and experience.
Firstly, a weekend job can provide a sense of responsibility. Working children can learn to be reliable for everything they do and understand how to organize their time. Moreover, students start to realize that they are responsible for their life, they think about their future and their aims.
Secondly, a weekend job gives children an opportunity to earn some money. Teenagers will understand the value of money and will safe it for their education or trip. That means they can become financially independent from their parents.
Thirdly, the fact that a child has been employed looks good on CV. Nowadays many employers do not hire people without any experience at work. So, combining studies and work teenagers will not have such problem after their graduation.
However, some people believe that too much work interferes students from their studies and can affect their results of exams. I strongly believe, that the less time you have, the more things you are able to do. Students who combine their social life, studying and work do not have any problems with time management. Otherwise, teenagers who only study at university waste their time and have the same results as working students.
To sum up, I believe that weekend job is a good way for students to learn something new and to prepare for the future. Working children become better organized and independent. What’s more, a weekend job will help in the future recruitment.

Platonova Anastasiya
II course, 34 gr