A dream that was never fulfilled
By Benjamin the donkey
Date: 12/4/2015

I used to live my life in the shadow of the Farm walls; I lived half of my life alone in that solitary, as I see things like a camera from all points of view but I never interfere up until the moment my best friend who worked so hard to build this farm was injured badly and he almost died and in that moment I opened my eyes and started to document what was happening in the Farm in the last couple of Years.
I was a normal Animal who worked my hours in the farm during the day but in the night I interviewed Animals to see their points of view about their life under Napoleon leadership. My first interview was with boxer and it went as the following: Boxer what do you think about Napoleon? – Hmmm Napoleon is a good leader but he always wastes our time in searching for Snowball, and his last act with the four Pigs was inappropriate and the Dogs are going brutal as it was the first time in my whole life seen an Animal kill an Animal! But I know one thing for sure which is too work harder than ever to finish building the windmill and retire. After the battle with Mr. Fredrick I went to Squealer and asked him few questions. Squealer may I speak with you? – yes comrade. I would like to ask you few questions? – Yes no problem. Who do you think should earn an medal for being the War hero? – Of course our leader Napoleon as without his instructions and faith in us we will be dead by now and that being said I would like to leave as I have a very confidential meeting with the pigs. A few days passed until the pigeons came running with the news that Boxer has fallen as most of the animals rushed there and saw what happened after a few days I interviewed Boxer again and asked him what happened. - I thought that we need to finish the windmill as soon as possible and I worked so hard before retiring as my muscles have failed me but this time when I get better I am not going back to work for good. After this conversation between us the carriage came and it was written in the back horse slaughter and by the time I finished reading the carriage was long gone was Boxer trapped in it. Years and years have passed and the next thing we saw in the farm was astonishingly unexpected when the pigs came back from their secret training they were no ordinary pigs they were semi humans as they were standing on two legs and wearing coats. So I rushed over to Clover and had a little conversation with her since she’s one of the animals who lived and survived after the rebellion. Clover lets go and check the commandments and what we found out left us in a shock for a while and the commandment was like “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS”.

After we saw that commandment and that Boxer hard work was all in vein and his goal to build a better place for animals was torn all apart I might not be as smart as the pigs but I know for sure that old major dream and vision was all in vein and his dream to create an equal place for all the animals was forgotten as I decided to forget too and get back to living in the shadows.