Mr. Leonardis
November 17, 2015

A Beautiful Mind
In the movie A Beautiful Mind I believe that it is portrayed that an individual with mental illness can lead a normal life. The character being explored is John Nash, a mathematical genius who suffers from schizophrenia. Throughout the movie he faces many hardships that are a result of his schizophrenia, but I believe that despite the difficulties, with treatment he leads a relatively normal life. First, John has family and friends. Part of a normal life is being able to have meaningful connections with others. John has a wife, Alicia, who is very devoted to him, this is especially shown when she remains with him even through his difficulty with his mental illness. He also has friends from his university years, Martin Hansen and Sol, who work with him at the university. Even after university he remains close with them. After Johnís absence from work, itís Hansen that gives him another job at the university, which demonstrates their close bond. Secondly, John has a career. Even though he has schizophrenia, John manages to maintain a career, and even succeeds in his field to such a degree that he is nominated and wins a Nobel Prize in economics. Next, John is educated. A common stigma surrounding people with mental illnesses is that they are less intelligent than those without mental illness. John Nash studied and taught at Princeton University, and therefore spent the majority of his life being educated or educating. Next, John is able to differentiate between what is real and what is in his mind. In the beginning, John struggles with this but later in the movie, and with help from those around him, he is able to take control of his mind. Finally, he is able to recover from difficult circumstances. When it is brought to light that he has schizophrenia Johnís life goes in a downward spiral. He loses his job and is committed to a mental institution. As well as his relationship with his wife and friends struggles. Once he receives adequate help, and makes himself comprehend what is going on, he is able to return to a more stable state of mind. In conclusion, with a strong support system and adequate medical help, individuals with a mental illness can lead a normal life.