Phantom of the Opera, The Wizard of Oz, Glory of Christmas, and Grease. Just to name a few of the plays that I have attended. I must say that they were really interesting. Maybe it is the fact that you are present that makings it more enjoyable then a motion picture. It?s kind of like watching a sports event at home apposed to actually attending it live, it feels as if you are able to feel all the work and dedication that was put in to make such a work of art. Seems like every play that I have attended found a way to catch my attention in a different way, from the main character of the play to the choir that can make plays that much better.
My experience with plays has been great so far, usually I will have some type of background of the play before I attend them. It Makes it that much of a better experience when you know the themes, the characters and plot. You build a type of anticipation for it when you do the research before you attend them. I haven?t come across a play that I did not enjoy yet and I doubt that I will.
I admire the work that is put into plays. Often time?s people do not notice that it takes a lot of time to get everything right, the actors fully commit themselves to the plays and get into their roles. For example in ?Glory of Christmas? they even go as far as training animals. I must say that is my favorite play that I have attended so far. Not to mention that fact that it is about Jesus but you just notice the hard work that was put in it as soon as you pull up to the church. The atmosphere of it gets me every time, I?ve seen it three times now and I going back next year.
I think about the history of plays and it goes back way further then I have been alive, maybe that is why I have such a respect for them. You actually get a chance to notice the real art in acting. You?re not just sitting in front of a big screen. I really enjoy when they get the audience involved, it takes it to different level. Ever since I was little my mother would take me to them and I still to this day remember every one of them.
Drama has a big influence on this world. Plays have a way of getting messages across to its audience. I think plays are very intriguing and I look forward to learning more about them in class. I am looking forward to our class trip and learning more about the history of plays, how they all started and adding more plays to my list.
On the other hand I also enjoy movies. My family is a bunch if big movie goers, my dad especially from tragedy?s to horror movies and romance films. He will go to extreme measures to make sure that he has enough time to get a good movie in before he falls asleep. The problem with me is that I am starting to see reoccurring themes with movies and it seems like you don?t get that as much with plays. That is another reason why I still would rather watch a play. I always will admire the art of drama and theatre.