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HND in Business Management
BHND 5203 - Strategic Management
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Shaznan Fairoze Sally (CL/HNDBM/66/47)
Ms. Inoka Gunarathne
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International College of Business & Technology
Module: BHND5203 - Strategic Management
Assessor: Ms. Inoka Gunarathne
Assignment:Individual Assignment

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I have selected CIC holdings as the company for this report and have assessed it using the Ansoff's Growth Matrix and Evaluated its Business Unit using the GE matrix. I developed possible alternative strategies for the company and related them to substantive growth, limited growth and retrenchment and chosen the best future strategies for the business.

Table of Contents

TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc469389385 \h 3
CIC Holdings PAGEREF _Toc469389386 \h 3
Ansoff's growth-vector matrix For CIC Holdings PAGEREF _Toc469389387 \h 4
Directional Policy Matrix PAGEREF _Toc469389388 \h 7
Competitive Strength PAGEREF _Toc469389392 \h 11
Competitive Strength PAGEREF _Toc469389393 \h 11
Competitive Strength PAGEREF _Toc469389394 \h 12
GE MATRIX PAGEREF _Toc469389395 \h 12
Possible Alternative Strategies CIC can use for its company growth PAGEREF _Toc469389396 \h 14
Retrenchment PAGEREF _Toc469389397 \h 15
Substantial Growth PAGEREF _Toc469389398 \h 15
Limited Growth Strategy PAGEREF _Toc469389399 \h 16
Appropriate future strategy for the organization PAGEREF _Toc469389400 \h 17
Strategy evaluation criteria PAGEREF _Toc469389401 \h 17
Suitability: PAGEREF _Toc469389402 \h 17
Acceptability PAGEREF _Toc469389403 \h 19
Feasibility PAGEREF _Toc469389404 \h 20
References PAGEREF _Toc469389405 \h 21

Table of Figures
TOC \h \z \c "Figure" Figure 1 Ansoff's Growth vector matrix PAGEREF _Toc469389858 \h 4
Figure 2 Directional Policy Matrix PAGEREF _Toc469389859 \h 7
Figure 3 GE MATRIX PAGEREF _Toc469389860 \h 12
Figure 4 GE MATRIX (Jurevicius, 2016) PAGEREF _Toc469389861 \h 13


CIC Holdings

Initially Known as Imperial chemical industries (ICI) was incorporated in 1964 and quoted in the Colombo Brokers association. Now rebranded as CIC Holdings PLC. The company began its operations by manufacturing agricultural pipes and now has diversified into many ventures such as Agriculture, Animal feeds, Farm produce, veterinary medicine, Agro chemicals, poultry, Pharmaceuticals etc. CIC is constantly repositioning itself in exploring growth sectors both locally and globally. And now has tapped the global markets with Ag ri produce such as rice. They work with the mission and vision of:
Vision : To be an innovative Group of companies creating value through effective fulfilment of market needs.
Mission : To enhance the quality of people in the region by developing a diverse portfolio in Healthcare, industrial, consumer products, crop solutions and services, driven by customer satisfaction and improvements in technology. We will harness the potential of our people to derive competitive advantage and to add value to stakeholders whilst safeguarding the environment. (CIC.lk,2016)

Ansoff's growth-vector matrix For CIC Holdings

Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 Ansoff's Growth vector matrix

Market penetration is the safest of the four options. Here, the company should focus on expanding sales of its existing product in its existing market .
CIC can develop new strategies , to encourage more people to choose the company's product or use more of it. As CIC is in the agricultural industry, where consumers purchasing it uses the product in the kitchen, CIC could develop new strategies such as including kitchen utensils for free e.g. : spoons, cups etc. that would draw the customers attention into purchasing the product as they could save money from purchasing those extra utensils. Another strategy CIC could use is by adding extra product into their packaging e.g. : adding 200g extra to their 2kg package of rice and mentioning "extra 10%" in the packaging to make consumers aware of the extra included. More of the product with the same prices of the competitors would draw attention from buyers to purchase the product. (Mindtools.com, 2016)

Product development is slightly more risky, because you're introducing a new product into your existing market.
Here, the company is selling different products to the same people , who are already aware and have