КСР 1 Upper-Intermediate
Covering Letters 1: Letter Content
The letter of application you send with your CV is sometimes called a covering letter. It is usually the first direct contact between a candidate and an employer, so make sure it is well-written and presented. It should normally contain 3-4 paragraphs.
Here is a list of points you should include:
Say that you would like to apply
Say where you found out about the job
Say why you would like the job
Say why you are qualified to do the job
Say you can provide more information if necessary
Say when you would be available for interview
Covering Letters 2: Useful phrases
advertised made known to people
to apply to ask in a formal way to be considered for a job
to pursue to have, to chase, to follow
to work well under pressure to be able to keep calm and do a good job in difficult situations
Select the correct words so that this covering letter is in good English.
Dear Mr Saleh,
I am writing to  1) _____ a _____ for the position of Editorial Assistant which was 2 )_ ___ _ b _____ in the latest edition of Gulf News.
I am currently      3)_____ b _____ by a Market Research company as a research assistant, but am keen to 4)____ b _____ a career in publishing, because I enjoy reading and write my own poetry.
As you will notice on the      5) ______ c ______ CV, I graduated in European Literature. At University I gained considerable  6) ______ c _______  working on the student magazine, so I am  7) ____ c _____ with editing techniques. I work well under      8) ______ c ______ and enjoy working in a team. In addition, I speak English 9) _____ b _____.
I would be      10) _____ a _____ for interview from next week. Meanwhile, please do not  11 ) _ _____ a _______ to contact me if you require further information.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Margaret Roan
1 a) apply b) ask c) request
2 a) shown b) advertised c) presented
3 a) worked b) employed c) used
4 a) want b) pursue c) take
5 a) included b) mentioned c) attached
6 a) experiment b) expression c) experience
7 a) familiarised b) familier c) familiar
8 a) anxiety b) demands c) pressure
9 a) excellently b) fluently c) strongly
10 a) available b) around c) accessible
11 a) hesitate b) wait c) stop

Covering Letters 3 : Style (part 1)
informal relaxed, friendly
slang very informal words and language
idiomatic language  language using groups of words which have a certain meaning that is different from the ordinary meaning of each individual word e.g. \'My boss  bit my head off when I was late for work\' (my boss was angry and told me off)
complex complicated, not simple
Decide whether the following tips for writing covering letters are true or false.
The letter should be as friendly a nd informal as possible - False
You should avoid slang & id iomatic language - True
Your sentences should be long and complex - False
It is fine to use contracted forms (e.g. I\'m, it\'s) - False
Emotive words (wonderful, great, terrible) should be avoided - True
Covering Letters 4 : Style (part 2)
Here are some common phrases you might use when applying for a job. However, the prepositions are missing - type out the correct ones choosing words from the table below.
I would like to apply 1) _____for_____ the position 2) _____of_____
If you would like to discuss this   3 ) ____ in _____ more detail
I enjoy working  4 ) _ ____ under _______ pressure

I was 5 ) _____ in ____ _ charge _ _____ of ______

I was responsible 6 ) ____ for _____
With reference   7 ) _______ to _______