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Eulogy for Western Culture
Eulogy for Western Culture

This 2060 word essay (8 pages) is about Literature, Poetry, Eliot family, New Criticism, T. S. Eliot, Smog, The Waste Land, Globalization, Pollution, River Thames

Eulogy for Western Culture World War I brought about the most profound and impactful paradigm shift in Western culture since the Enlightenment, and Western culture still feels the ripples of its impact a century later. World War I was the deadliest war of its time in terms of both the number of casualties and the destruction of European cities and countryside. If the fatalities from the Spanish Flu, wh ich spread so widely as a direct result of the war, are included, WWI is the deadliest war th...

The Kouroi
The Kouroi

This 1536 word essay (8 pages) is about Visual arts, Sculpture, Kouroi, Kouros, Naxos, Marble, Isamu Noguchi, Modern sculpture, Getty kouros, Kouroi of Flerio

The Kouroi I. Introduction The pair of sculptures studied in this essay are more similar than their first appearances would suggest. The first sculpture, named Marble Statue of a Kouros , depicts a nude young man in marble, and it was made in Attica around 580 BCE. The other statue entitled Kouros , on the other hand, is a huge marble sculpture made by the abstract expressionist artist Isamu Noguchi in 1945. In this paper, both pieces will be analysed , then compared and contrasted against each...

Johannes Vermeer, Allegory of Faith , Oil on canva
Johannes Vermeer, Allegory of Faith , Oil on canva

This 1585 word essay (7 pages) is about Visual arts, Fauvism, Paul Gauguin, Perspective, Madonna and Child, Painting, Cloisonnism, Erwin Panofsky, Allegory

Johannes Vermeer, Allegory of Faith , Oil on canvas, c. 1670 Paul Gauguin, La Orana Maria (Hail Mary) , Oil on canvas, 1891-1893 Erwin Panofsky, Perspective as Symbolic Form , 1924 Perspective as an Artist\'s Tool The Renaissance of the 14th-17th century was a rediscovery of Greek philosophy and art in Europe. Intellectuals and artists alike embraced humanism, and art began to look markedly more lifelike than before. This was largely due to development of the concep t of perspective. Renaissanc...

Objectification and Humanization
Objectification and Humanization

This 1875 word essay (7 pages) is about Sexualization, Human sexuality, Feminist theory, Structure, Gender studies, Feminism, Gender, Communication, Objectification, Social media, Cashier, Sociology of gender

People in almost every developed country and culture on earth have attained unprecedented levels of personal freedom and equality to their fellow human beings. Of course, people did not suddenly start enjoying this relative freedom and equality at the turn of the 21st century. It took centuries of social movements, hundreds of poignant social thinkers, and a countless number of social activists to get from a social structure of nobility and peasants to the equal opportunity we enjoy now. The ma...

Nkisi Nkondi Mangaaka
Nkisi Nkondi Mangaaka

This 1727 word essay (8 pages) is about Kingdom of Kongo, African witchcraft, Afro-American religion, Africa, Traditional African medicine, African sculpture, Nkondi, Nkisi, Culture, Nganga, Nail fetish, Fetishism

Nkisi Nkondi Mangaaka Out of all the terrible consequences of the African slave trade and the forcible colonization of Africa, one of the worst is the destruction of traditional African cultures and how little is now known about them. The subtleties that went along with vari ous African peoples\' cultures have largely been lost, destroyed, replaced by Western practices, or forgotten. Many traditional African religious practices are looked down on as voodoo, or are construed as misinterpretation...

The Reach of Sovereigns
The Reach of Sovereigns

This 1886 word essay (7 pages) is about Philosophy, Political philosophy, Politics, Empiricists, Libertarian theory, John Locke, Sovereignty, Rights, Thomas Hobbes, Hobbes, State of nature, Natural and legal rights

Thomas Hobbes and John Locke both discuss the ideas surrounding government and people in their writings. Both agree that, at a minimum, a government must protect its people and their property, but Locke proposes that a government\'s obligations extend beyon d that. Before one can discuss the purpose of society\'s government, the reason society and government arose in the first place should be investigated. Hobbes and Locke both wrote about the period before government, or the state of nature, a...

Synthesizing Artificial Organs: The Future of Tran
Synthesizing Artificial Organs: The Future of Tran

This 3234 word essay (14 pages) is about Medicine, Biology, Artificial organs, Tissue engineering, Transplantation medicine, Synthetic biology, Emerging technologies, 3D bioprinting, Artificial heart, Organ transplantation, Artificial urinary bladder, Organ donation

splantations Biomedical engineering is the marriage and offspring of engineering and medicine. As the name would suggest, the field revolves around developing and producing medical devices. A medical device, however, is a rather broad term in regards to this field beca use everything from catheters, to cochlear implants, to prosthetic arms falls under this category. In addition, an up and coming sub-field of biomedical engineering is that of tissue engineering. Tissue engineering is the develop...

CITATION Lis08 l 1033 (Lisa Dorward, 2008) CITATI
CITATION Lis08 l 1033 (Lisa Dorward, 2008) CITATI

This 173 word essay (2 pages) is about Bibliography, Citation, Reference

ON Joh15 l 1033 m Eth11 (John Turner, 2015; Ethan Pendleton, 2011) CITATION The14 l 1033 (The European Commission, 2014) CITATION Nei12 l 1033 (Neil Kokemuller, 2012) Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY Ethan Pendleton, 2011. The Advantages of Doing Business in an Emerging Market. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 22 May 2017]. John Turner, 2015. Challenges Facing European Monetary Union. [Online] Available at: http://arch...

Effect of Organizational Climate on Employee Motiv
Effect of Organizational Climate on Employee Motiv

This 8719 word essay (53 pages) is about Industrial and organizational psychology, Organizational behavior, Psychology, Organizational studies, Behavior, Human resource management, Motivation, Workplace, Organizational commitment, Organizational culture, Employee engagement, Work motivation

ation and Organizational commitment in Pakistan Research based Thesis 8/16/2014 Institute of Business Management Submitted to: Sir Ashraf Janjua Prepared by: Sameen Salman ID: 9929 Subject: Seminar in Economic Policy Executive Summary Organizations have become very different then what they were previously. The systems, processes have changed and an individual is well aware of his or her interests and demands. This creates a lot of challenges for the organization to continuously evolve their sys...

Proposal for Doctoral Research:
Proposal for Doctoral Research:

This 15143 word essay (91 pages) is about

Proposal for Doctoral Research: " THE INFLUENCE OF LEADERSHIP ON EMPLOYEE WORK PLACE SPIRITUALITY , EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION , EMPLOYEE CITIZENSHIP BEHAVIOUR AND ORGANISATIONAL PERFORMANCE IN THE CITY OF JOHANNESBURG METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY " Student name : Petronella Frederika Smit Supervisor: Student Number: 527241 Professor Richard Chinomona [email protected] [email protected] Contents TOC o "1-2" h z u LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS PAGEREF _Toc430676348 h i 1INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc4306...