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Samantha Jacobs
Cara Copolla
English 101
December 9, 2015
Everyone has a fear of something, this could range anywhere from being scared of the dark, to fear of heights. People are not born with fears; something significant had to have happened for them to become fearful of such thing. Fear is what helps protect our country, without being scared of getting hurt, we cannot protect ourselves. Xenophobia is an intense or irrational fear of people from other countries. Depending on the actions taken because of this phobia will affect if it has a good or bad outcome. If this fear is used for good, then it can help keep this country safe and put security back into the eyes of the American citizens.
Maggie Baker says “Xenophobia is neither the fear of Xeni, nor of Xena. Rather, it\'s more about knee-jerk mistrust, dislike, and hatred for people who aren\'t part of your group” Although this may be true, it must be taken into consideration of why that fear was built. Looking at the news it is easy to see that foreigners target America. The biggest historical event that happened was the 2001 terrorist attack on the twin towers. An Islam got onto a plane as the captain and flew the plane directly into the left tower, while this happened another plane was heading towards the white house where thankfully the passengers on the plane understood what was happening and managed to crash the plane before it got to the White House. As this all happened there was live video and as Carla Raisler said “I was in O’Charley’s having a birthday dinner with my daughter and I remember seeing on every television screen the twin towers collapsing and smoke everywhere. As I saw this happening all I could think was how we need to capture the people who did this to us. We are the United States of America and it is our job to provide security, 2,996 Americans lost their lives that day and we need to make sure that it never happens again.” In order to provide security we were able to learn from former incidents, such as 9/11, we now have high security at airports and every bag, and person is thoroughly checked. This is not American’s being rude and having hatred for one specific group of people. This is America making sure that what happened all those years ago will never happens again. In the last 15 years there have been over 45 different terrorist attacks in the United States, some have caused more deaths than others but either way that number should not be as high as i

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