What Makes a Good Diplomat?

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What Makes a Good Diplomat?

Being a diplomat is an important and responsible profession. A person who wants to serve his country in the Foreign Office should be clever, efficient, polite and outgoing. I strongly believe that everyone who is going to represent various interests of their country must have some essential personal qualities and skills.
Firstly, a true diplomat must be a trustful person. The government relies on a diplomat because he involves in such tasks as seeking a resolution to regional conflicts, dealing with global environmental problems, promoting international economic co-operation and etc. As a result, only a person who can keep secrets and know plans of his country can be a good diplomat.
Secondly, diplomats have to know foreign languages. It is obligatory for them to speak fluently one of the international languages: English, French, German or etc. Moreover, diplomats should understand the language of the country or the region where they serve. So, diplomats will not have a lot of problems in communicating.
Thirdly, it is important for a diplomat to know the history, culture and the current political situation not only of his country but also of the country where he works. So, a diplomat will be able to speak about a lot of things of the country where he works and save face of his country.
To sum up, I am convinced that almost everybody with a perfect knowledge of history, political situation and culture can become a diplomat. To put it simply, I believe that communicative skills and responsibility are the best qualities for a diplomat.

Platonova Anastasiya
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