This essay THEODORE ROOSEVELT (1858-1919) has a total of 323 words and 2 pages.

Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most successful presidents in American history. He was fun to hang around with. He had a screeching voice that sometimes scared people who did not expect it coming from a man like himself. He told jokes and played with children. He loved children. He told ghost stories that would scare the little children to death. However, he had another side to him. When it was not time for fun and games anymore, he meant it and he did his job well. He took great pride in the United States. He wanted the best for his country and therefore he served his country to the very best of his ability.
Roosevelt had a poor health when he was young. His asthma was especially bad. Whenever his asthma acted up on him, his caring father would take young Roosevelt out on the wagon and ride around until he got better. This is where Roosevelt gained his love for nature. H

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