The Grey Fuzz Buddy

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The Grey Fuzz Buddy

September 10, 2014
The Grey Fuzz Buddy
Every year at Mingus Union High School, all of the sports teams receive their own personalized team t-shirts or jackets. My freshman year playing tennis for Mingus, I received mine. My tennis jacket is the color grey- the grey of a storm cloud soon before it rains. It’s as if the rain drops, which seep into the jacket, extract the spectrum from the sky and transfer it to the very fabrics draped across my upper body. There’s bold, eggshell white letters printed ‘Mingus’ across the chest. Then, there’s the image of a woman hitting a tennis ball silhouetted by those letters in a shade darker than that of the sky surrounding a full moon, presently before midnight. In that same proud white font is my own last name printed between the shoulder blades claiming the ownership of the jacket to me. In smaller, dainty white letters is printed with the very tacky, yet comical phrase, “you only live once, but you can serve twice” just peeking out above the waistline. There is a kangaroo pocket surrounding the belly, and then a very large, cozy hood hanging from the base of the neck. A jacket’s purpose is to keep the body warm, but this jacket has done much more than that; this jacket has been a symbol of my high school experience, my father, and my friendships; a symbol which I will hold with me all my life.
As students at Mingus Union High School have walked the halls on their first day for what feels to be an infinite number of years, a rite of passage, my time came on August 4th, 2011. I was among the freshman class of 2015 joining the high school world for the first time. Something that Mingus offers that my grade school didn’t is tennis. Which, tennis might be, to most people that live in Arizona, a little bit of a foreign concept. But my father played occasionally with me, as his father did with him. It was never an avid sport of mine, until the day I tried out. That became the first day of my teenage years that I made my father really proud. Trying out for tennis was the day I took a chance on something new, and I succeeded in my endeavors. By the end of freshman year, my dad watched with other proud parents as I walked over to my coach and received my first team jacket.
In my closet, there is one item that sticks out, the item that I wear the most; this makes my closet the most important closet in the world. My closet is special, because there is a key here. There is a key to

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