The College Experience

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St. Petersburg College. The College Experience. Period 4.

Iíve chosen to focus my career research on the field of performing arts and have chosen to do my research on becoming an Actor. With a set of certain skills, and an intention to strive toward higher goals and accomplishments, the career of a successful Actor can be fulfilled correctly.
Becoming an Actor
Becoming an Actor requires much. There are certain qualities a person must learn if not already have, they must understand what level of education they need to be successful and learn what financial situation they will be in while pursuing such a career. Being an actor requires a lot of hard work and determination, and among the huge variety of benefits it has to offer, simply being fun is one of them.
Just like any other occupation, becoming an Actor has its requirements. Not only do you need education requirements, but you need social and emotional requirements/skills in order to be successful. In order to fulfill the career of an actor, one must have a complete high school education at the least. Although a certain degree level of obtaining is not entirely needed, receiving a bachelorís degree in the field of performing arts can be dramatically helpful toward success. Joining classes such as drama and improvisation can help at mastering the art as well. Also, a typical person wanting to become an actor usually needs the skill set of being courageous and able to speak in front of large audiences, a good liar, and simply being able to entertain.

The median annual salary received for being an actor is $52,628. However the range is between $43,368 and $64.256. When it comes to acting, these numbers can vary dramatically depending on the company, the films being produced and the amount of viewers they receive, years of experience and education, location, and much more.
Becoming an Actor/Actress has a huge amount of benefits to offer. Anyone who wants to become an actor will not only enjoy doing what they do, but they will love it. The career offers so much freedom and allows the Actor to choose which direction they want to go with ease. The actor can choose which films they want to attempt to play a role in, which type of roles they want to pursue, and what type of environment they wish to work in. The most fun in acting is the art of acting itself. Altering whatís real and what isnít and filling the shoes of a particular char

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