Team C collaborative discussion Ethics in Business Communication

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Team C collaborative discussion "Ethics in Business Communication"

September 15, 2014

Team C collaborative discussion "Ethics in Business Communication"

I have to admit I was a bit worried in the beginning when I reviewed the requirement for this assignment. Conducting research in regards to a topic that is not of my choosing and to be expected to collaborate in a team discussion can sometimes be hard. Especially when your team members are not present in body to work with. All forms of communication are being handled through, email, phone or even google chat. It has been an interesting but successful experience so far and I hope thought out the next three weeks it will continue to be a positive outcome.
After conducting research we all have chosen to collaborate on an article that was found by Sheira, called “Wal-Mart's Latest Ethics Controversy” (Gogoi, June) “An employee who scrupulously followed the company's own ethics guidelines may find herself out of a job.” (Gogoi, June). Lowry (new employee) with the communications department took upon herself to report another coworker whom was the vice president of the communication department for trading her stock based on insider information. The vice president Mrs. Williams had asked Lowry to copy some papers for her. The papers appeared to Lowry to be copies of stock reports in which later in the week Wal-Mart made an announcement that they are considering a buyout that is worth $15 billion. So Lowry starting thinking that maybe Williams was using this for her own benefit being she knew what the plan was due to being an insider. When Lowry was hired she had to attend a session that taught her how to look for unethical behavior and how important it is to report those issues/concerns immediately. So that is what Lowery did.
In our discussion we all agreed that it was unethical what Lowry did when handling this situati

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