Social Media Analysis Assignment

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Social Media Analysis Assignment

Social Media Analysis Assignment

February 17, 2015
From music, to clothing, beverages, the internet, movies and much more;
Snoop Dogg has definitely turned himself not only into a household name but a
world wide brand. Snoop has been in the entertainment business for over two
decades and has consistently remained relevant. In the 2000’s as social media
started to become the leading way for people to connect, Snoop took charge and has
become a social media advocate keeping him as current as “teen-sensations” and
“pop-star-phenomenon’s.” Through mixtures of social platforms such as Twitter,
Facebook, and Instagram, Snoop Dogg has been able to create a conversation and
buzz around his music as well as grow his fan base and brands.
Snoop Dogg started his career as a rapper in 1992. After years of being under
other record labels, he branched out in 1996 and started his own record label titled
Doggy Style Records. This provided him the freedom he needed to work with other
brands and develop who he was as an artist and how he would be represented. He
currently has an alcoholic beverage named Blast, a clothing line entitled Serious
Pimps, a cigar called Executive Branch, and is still releasing albums and being
featured in television shows and films. Obviously campaigns and advertisements are
made for each product Snoop owns, but his ties to social media help him create buzz
and show his consumer and fans what he is currently releasing.
Snoop has millions of fans on each of his social media sites; He is known for
posting daily and responding to fans comments and post. His approach to
interaction with his followers is to consider them “family.” In an interview Snoop
Dogg did with he explains his strategy as so,
“I don’t consider them just 'fans.' Rather, I call them his "family. My
recipe is just being me: I'm up front; I'm up close and personal. My fans don't
have a wall between me and them."
This methodology keeps the interaction two ways, which is the best way to utilize
social media. He understands that social media has changed the relationship
between companies and consumers, he continuously posts on all platforms and
encourages other artist to be on social medias.
In order to improve his promotions efficiently Snoop allied with Los Angeles
base marketing firm Cashmere Agency to help him “keep his online presence
consistent and growing” and to properly execute the 8 stages of listening in social
media. Together they have been able to keep Snoop’s brand on top of trends and
developments and to keep continual revenue flowing in. The approach of Snoop
giving his audience an inside look at his life as well as frequently posting video
content and new material keeps the fans wanting more. Building a relationship and
trust will keep the people buying from you. Snoop Dogg had this to say on the trust
topic, “That’s way more important nowadays to me because that’s what the industry is
broken down into – trust”(, 2015) People who don’t trust you wont
buy from you.
Understanding how to efficiently utilize social media is essential in today’s
business market. Knowing that today’s consumer want to feel as if they have a voice
in the companies and brands they follow is key to today’s successful businesses.
Snoop has changed with the times and knows he must stay consistent and cohesive.
To be most effective, you have to have a real commitment to putting up content and
messaging on a regular basis, you have to listen to your buyer’s ideas, thoughts take
into consideration they disapprovals and criticism, at times those factors can make
or break your business. Snoop never joined social medias to build attention, he
already had that, and he joined to build a relationship with his fans. If used properly
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites can allow you to build a
voice and persona for your brand.
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