Sailboat Racing

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Sailboat Racing

I was recently reading an article in a sailing magazine that had asked its readers to write in with the number one reason they go sailboat racing. The results, supplied by a few hundred people, were not surprising to me. The overwhelming reason people named was the stimulating mental challenge racing provides. Other reasons - the physical challenge, the team-sport experience, the social value and the chance to get away - were all rated about equally, and a clear second to the mental side.
Sailboat racing offers unmatched competitive challenge in this regard. Tactically, under old rules or new, a good-sized fleet race provides more possible moves and counter-moves than a chess match between two world champions. But then if you superimpose the tactical game onto air and water - then immediately you're crunching some serious strategy scenarios. This can be aided by in-depth observations and a knowledge of hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, oceanography and meteorology. Those same sciences also play into the constant opportunity to improve your boatspeed, if you can remember to think about both things at the same time.
When you add basic sports psychology and the head games sailboat racers play you get an idea of how complex it can be. (For example, your game plan is to go to the left side of the course, you get a bad start, tack away, and then c

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