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Persuasive Essay
December 16, 1997

U.F.O., extra terrestrials and aliens do they really exist? Is there a government
conspiracy? Why can so many people swear to have been abducted or seen flying saucers and
all describe the same thing and be wrong? For many years people have been fascinated with
creatures from other planets. Many shows and movies have these types of subjects, such
as, ""X-Files,"Men In Black," "Independce Day," "Star Wars," and a classic , "E.T."
There have been many sightings, for example, the Roswell incident, over 50 years ago.
Little men with a round, bald head, beatty eyes, 3 feet tall, that hover 2 feet above the
ground, is the most commonly described alien.

Can there really be other beings capable of reaching the planet earth? Many people would
say "There are no such things," like Cory stated, because of some insignificant reasons.
For example, there is no type of fuel on this planet or is known by humans to have the
capabilities of taking something from one galaxy to another, but aliens are not on from
the earth and where they come from such a fuel may be readily available for them to use.
Many others like to say that U.F.O.s have not been pictured or documented, or that really
people are say it is just mearly swamp gas, or possibly a weather balloon. The claims of
sightings comes from ordinary people and are in perfect mental health. Mrs. Engler, one
of my friends mother, believes she saw a U.F.O. one night, and when she told her husband
what she saw, he thought she was crazy. The next morning, however his mind changed when
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