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Professor Shields
GUST 0305 T/Th. 8:25-9:55
07 October 2013

Chapter 3 Journal 10


As a student, I want to be an architect. I love to paint and draw. Architecture is a profession that I have pursued for 10 years, and it would definitely be something I pursue lifelong career, so it is one professional that I considered very noble

My Short-Term Goals in This role

In 2015, I need to get a good grade in the school, avoid the bad social, I need to study and study, do not do anything else. I should to set my schedule and my school I will study in the future. In 2015, I will study in University in two years and get the job when I graduate the school.

My Long-Term Goals in This role

In 2015, I need to improve my English skills and competently four skills in by the end 2015. And then e need to find down and search about my job before I am going to college. I need to get degree of architecture in two years and then transfer to University to study more four years. When I finish the school in 2019, I should to find the job the same architects to get more experience about two years. Finally, I need to find a good company to work in 2023.

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