Marilyn Manson

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Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is a name that one hears everywhere they go. Today's media is constantly reporting on Marilyn Manson's controversial looks, shows, and religious beliefs. Manson's controversial nature has gained him much infamousy in the media world today.
Many people believe that Marilyn Manson is strange, considering he wears various women's clothing, heavy makeup, and loads of large jewelry. Many oppose his shows, because of reports of Satanic rituals, bodily harm inflicted on himself and on others, and sexual acts performed on stage. On top of that, one of the biggest groups of those who are not partial to Marilyn Manson is the Christian Church. The Church feels that Manson is an extremely bad influence on Christians and other religious groups because he belongs to and is a minister of the Church of Satan, which was formed in 1966 by Anton Szandzer LaVey.
Those who support Marilyn Manson claim that he encourages them to stand up for themselves and their rights according to the First Amendment. They view him as highly superior, and anyone who views anyone else in such a way can only extract the positives from the experience. Not everyone who is a Manson fan is anti-Christian -- as a matter of fact, Manson has many Christian fans. Listening to Marilyn Manson can not transform a person into an evil being. It is the listener's choice as to whether or not he wants to live a certain way.
True, Manson's concerts are not the most timid events in the world, and certainly these concerts are not for some people. Those who are very religious or patriotic may be offended by Manson's actions, but those who view it as just an act and those who like the music will definitely enjoy the show. Going to a Marilyn Manson concert will not make someone a bad person, or a Satanist. Like any other event out there, it is strictly for entertainment purposes only and although it may be a very shocking experience, no one is being horribly harmed by attending.
Marilyn Manson opposers have filed numerous reports and affidavits against him and his concerts. These reports have been widely spread across the media, leading people to believe statements which were later proven to be falsified. Counterfeit affidavits were created, published, and sent to various media sources. Certain statements included in these reports were ones such as these from an Oklahoma male:
When the band took the stage the female guitar player came out
naked except for very t

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