Is Hockey Being Lost As A Canadian Game?

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Is Hockey Being Lost as a Canadian Game?
Hockey, to many Canadians it is their favourite sport or pastime. This
game is a part of Canadian?s heritage. Although with the ongoing
?Americanizing? of Canada, it is only a matter of time before Canada?s game
is changed as well.

The NHL, National Hockey League, is the professional league for hockey.
In the past, and still today, Canadians have made up the greater part of
the leagues players. The article NHL Melting Pot gives statistics and a
graph of which nationalities were and are playing in the league. In 1967,
Canadian born players made up nearly 97% of the NHL. ?With the influx of
players from other countries, the NHL is beginning to look like the United
Nations on ice.? (Card#3) Now Canadians are only 66.2% of the population
in the league. The American born players are slowly sneaking up at 16.6%,
the second largest nationality. The gap does not look that tight, however
when you consider the time in which this jump has taken place, it will get
closer sooner instead of later. In the article, ?The New Ice Age? it gives
statistics on the recent jump in American and other players into the NHL.
In 1983, out of 21 teams there were 409 Canadian born players to 68
American born players and 47 European players (Only showing the top 25
players on each teams roster). In 1992, out of 24 teams there were 396
Canadian born players to 101 American players and a surprising 103
Europeans (Only showing the top 25 players on each of the teams). ? The
increase of American and European players in recent years is changing the
look of the NHL.? (Card#2) The American, and European invasion is making
hockey everyone?s game and not just Canada?s.

Why would this bother Canadians? Why not share their national pride in
hockey? Many Canadians feel that hockey is the last thing that they can
truly call their own. ? Hockey Night In Canada has been one of the five
most- watched television shows here (Canada) every year since the dawn of
television, and, in Parliament, a National Hockey Caucus monitors the
Canadian-ness of the game.? (Card#5) This was said by Ken Dryden, a former
NHL player in an interview with reporter Mary Williams Walsh is
Saskatchewan. Dryden says that one by one the things that Canada stands
for and its time honoured institutions are being dismantled. The fear is
that in the end, Canada?s culture and society will be indistinguishable
from the U.S. , ? Hockey is more than the Canadian national

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