DIA Scavenger Hunt

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DIA “Scavenger Hunt”
The Detroit Institute of Arts

1- Eve, 1881 (cast 1920-40)
Dimensions: 172.4 cm; W. 58 cm; D. 64.5 cm S.1029 / Lux.157
The work date is October 20, 1881
The artist name is Auguste Rodin
French, 1840-1917
The artwork of Eve was done by the artist Auguste Rodin. This artwork has so much to talk about. first, the tension of this work has so many meaning and feelings into it, because that can show and explain the work by how that lady Eve had a hard time in her life and how she was struggling during her life time. This depiction of Eve, who hugs herself in shame, evokes powerful feelings. The artist Rodin wanted to place Eve on the side of the gates as pendants. The artist later described how he had started to model a large female figure when he had had to stop because his sitter, who was pregnant, could no longer pose for him. He did not exhibit this unfinished statue of Eve until 1899, by which time he felt bold enough to show his works in a fragmentary or incomplete state. The rough surface of the skin, the lack of detail and the trace of the metal armature still visible on the right foot all attest to the fact that this was a work in progress that Rodin had decided to retain. The color that the artist gave it is a very nice looks, it makes people pay attention to it and it looks real from far away. The shape in this artwork took the artist a long time to create and it looks like the artist took so much time to get it done because if any mistake happen can ruin the whole project and that can cause the artist to lose a lot of money and time. To me this piece of art was done very successfully and the artist put so much time and work to make turn and look like the way it is right now. The sensuality of her body, now very smooth, in strong contrast with the modesty of the gesture she makes by lowering her head and crossing her arms, made it extremely popular. Also this piece of art to the artist so many years to finish because of the materials that he used to put in it to make his artwork look real and can be popular in this world. The graceful, athletic Italian woman he used as his model for 'Eve', the mother of all humanity, added an unexpected naturalism to the sculpture, as she was pregnant. Rodin repeatedly modified his sculpture as his model's weight, shape and posture changed. The figure of Eve was one of the first life-size female figures that Rodin ever modeled but she was

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