Dan Marino

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Dan Marino

Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins has had a very successful career on and off of the foot ball field. Dan Marino has led a very interesting life throughout his existence on this planet. Whether it is playing football to appearing in commercials or movies to leading a normal everyday life with his family. Dan Marino has grown to being a role model foe millions and millions of children and adults to look up to. Dan Marino has had a very successful career that has had its ups and downs, but he still manages to be a good all around guy and more importantly a good sport.
Dan Marino was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and he lived with his parents and two younger sisters. Dan came from the same area as Joe Montana, Jim Kelly, and Joe Namath. As a child Dan and his friends were always playing either football or baseball. In both of the two sports, Dan's father had coached. He was the one who had taught Dan how to hold the ball next to his ear and throw without winding up. Dan's father played a huge role in his life, he taught Dan to try hard and have fun while playing whatever sport he chose.
In elementary school Dan thought too much about becoming a professional athlete and not enough about his schoolwork. As a child Dan wanted to go to Central Catholic High School because it had great sports teams. But because eof Dan's poor performance in the classroom, he had been warned by a teacher that if he continued to produce bad grades that he would not be able to get into Central Catholic High School. So Dan's father sat him down and had a talk with him about the fact that if he didn?t start doing well in school that he would have no choice but to take him off of all athletic activities. This little talk that Dan and his father had was more importantly a wake up call that had inspired to do better in school and stay on his sporting teams. When it became time for Dan to take the test to determine if he would get into Central Catholic High School, he was completely ready and passed the test barely but he still managed to get in which was a big accomplishment. While Dan was attending Central Catholic High School he managed to become outstanding scholastic athlete in the city as a junior, and was All-American at the quarterbacking position.
In High School Dan was excelling in athletics. While playing baseball Dan batted well over .400 . After graduating high school, Dan was drafted in the seventh round by the Kansas City Royals but Dan did n

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