Acting Adrenaline

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Acting Adrenaline

The thrill of being on stage, the thrill of making people laugh, the thrill of giving joy to the audience member waiting in their seat for the show to start. Acting on stage is like being able to be a whole new person without having to worry about anything for a while. Sometimes I can hardly contain myself when I'm on stage doing what I love most. When the spot light is on me my eyes shimmer like diamonds. The lights are blinding but beautiful. The smell of concession stand food is enlightening. The night before the show is like having the weight of the world on your back. When I first get on stage my hands start shaking, my heart starts pounding, I start blinking repeatedly. Acting is the art of being a performer and acting is truly that an art form.
A life without the ability to act would not be a life worthwhile. The thrill I get when I am on stage is un-imaginable by an outsider. The feeling of being on stage brings more adrenaline to your body then a heart patient waiting for the shot he must get to save his life. Acting brings me what I need to feel alive an

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