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Phantom of the Opera, The Wizard of Oz, Glory of Christmas, and Grease. Just to name a few
of the plays that I have attended. I must say that they were really interesting. Maybe it
is the fact that you are present that makings it more enjoyable then a motion picture.
It?s kind of like watching a sports event at home apposed to actually attending it live,
it feels as if you are able to feel all the work and dedication that was put in to make
such a work of art. Seems like every play that I have attended found a way to catch my
attention in a different way, from the main character of the play to the choir that can
make plays that much better.

My experience with plays has been great so far, usually I will have some type of
background of the play before I attend them. It Makes it that much of a better experience
when you know the themes, the characters and plot. You build a type of anticipation for it
when you do the research before you attend them. I haven?t come across a play that I did
not enjoy yet and I doubt that I will.

I admire the work that is put into plays. Often time?s people do not notice that it takes
a lot of time to get everything right, the actors fully commit themselves to the plays and
get into their roles. For example in ?Glory of Christmas? they even go as far as training
animals. I must say that is my favorite play that I have attended so far. Not to mention
that fact that it is about Jesus but you just notice the hard work that was put in it as
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