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  • Reflections on "The Things They Carried" Part I: Analyzing the story?s craftsmanship Tim O?Brien wrote a story that is known as "The Things They Carried." It is a carefully crafted, detailed account of a Lieutenant and his men, the time period being right in the middle of the Vietnam war. In most war stories the author spends most of his or her time describing actions and events to the reader, trying to really put the reader "right there" in the middle of everything that is happening. However, O

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  • FEAR ISLAND Chapter One The night was cold, and the wind was blowing hard, you could feel the chill in your bones, and yet the seniors bacth 1998-1999 are on their way to seniors night which will be held at an Island which they call FEAR ISLAND! Lester, while packing his equipments heard a noise from the Garden, he paused for a minute, walk slowly to his window, while looking at the dark view of the Garden the cat suddenly appeared banging on the window, meowing! This frightened Lester that he a

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  • Evil: Relation of Experience and Maturation "Our greatest evils flow from ourselves" (Tripp 192). This statement, by Rousseau, epitomizes many points of evil that are discussed in Harper Lee\'s To Kill A Mockingbird. In our world today, we are stared in the face everyday with many facets of evil. These nefarious things come in several forms, including, but not limited to discrimination of sex, race, ethnicity, physical appearance, and popularity, alcoholism, drug abuse, irresponsibility, and eve

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  • Northern Home for Boys Northern Home for Boys was first known as Northern Home for Friendless Children, which was founded in 1853 by Elizabeth Rutter. The home was dedicated to serving children in distress. Today the home serves neglected and abused boys who are referred through Children and Youth Agencies of Philadelphia and Delaware Counties. Northern Homes is one of the oldest facilities for children. The home offers on ground school, educational and recreational programs, social workers, chi

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  • Beowulf - Analysis of the Epic The Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf is the most important work of Old English literature, and is well deserved of the distinction. The epic tells the story of a hero, a Scandinavian prince named Beowulf, who rids the Danes of the monster Grendel, a descendent of Cain, and of his exploits fighting Grendel?s mother and a Dragon. Throughout the epic, the Anglo-Saxon story teller uses many elements to build a certain depth to the characters. Just a few of the important charac

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  • Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare\'s plays about tragedy. It is about two lovers who commit suicide when their feuding famillies prevent them from being together. The play has many characters, each with its own role in keeping the plot line. Some characters have very little to do with the plot but some have the plot revolving around them. Friar Lawrence does not have very much time on stage but the time he does have is crucial to the plot line. Through his words Friar Lawre

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  • Traveling through the Dark William Stafford In this eloquent poem, Stafford tells the story of a driver and decision. The driver, who is the speaker in the story, is driving a mountain road at night. He comes upon a dead deer. He stops and gets out of the car, confident that he should roll the animal over the edge of the cliff into the canyon in order to clear the road for other drivers; " It is usually best to roll them into the canyon: that road is narrow; to swerve might make more dead." Howe

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  • Sigmund Freud My girlfriend called me from Dallas the other day. "You have got to hear about the dream I had last night," she said. Since this was not a normal reason to call me, I was more than a bit interested to listen to her. "The dream went like this," she explained. "I came to visit you at college. You showed me around, introduced me to your friends, and showed me a great time. Basically, we never left each others side. I felt so happy. Unfortunately, when I woke up, I realized that it was

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  • Brave New World Essay Only if a person (s) has an IQ of 80 and above, has an income above $12,000 a year, has no serious emotional problems, and is able to care for a child should she or he be allowed to have children. Having met these requirements a child license should be issued. This insures that the person having the child is perfectly capable and financially able to provide for him. In society today licenses are handed out left and right. Little boys with puppies have to make sure their dad

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  • Abstractions in Power-Writing There are many abstractions in the Declaration of Independence. These abstractions such as: rights, freedom, liberty and happiness have become the foundations of American society and have helped to shape the "American Identity." Power, another abstraction that reoccurs in all the major parts of the Declaration of Independence plays an equally important role in shaping "America identity." One forgets the abstraction of power, because it appears in relation to other i

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  • Person Experience Essay Syracuse University 8:02 a.m. Saturday. It\'s still dark, as usual, on these cold, winter days. Everybody else is still sleeping and enjoying the comfprting heat of their beds. I crack open the locked window by my bed, an act some deemed downright idiotic. I strip off my pj\'s, throw on my robe, and head for the shower. Drying off, I think about where I am abou to go. I dress piece by layered piece. I can\'t wait to hit the slopes! I round up my tools: body, boards, boots

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  • Creative Writing Picture this: a warm, sunny, November day in Dallas, Texas. Everyone in the town is excited because the president was making a stop there and a parade was to be held. The streets were packed as the limousine, carrying President Kennedy, his wife, Jackie, the governor, and his wife, passed by slowly. While the president waved to the crowd, everything seemed to be well and good. Now picture the same scene, a few minutes later: the crowd is in hysteria, no one knows what is going o

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  • Beowulf Mythical monsters with great powers that get killed by human men are a typical theme in Anglo-Saxon poetry. Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon poem translated by Burton Raffel. Three Anglo-Saxon ideals that are portrayed in Beowulf are strength of warriors, boasting of brave deeds, and the belief in the super natural. First, one of the ideals exhibited in Beowulf is physical strength. In Beowulf, Beowulf , the hero from Geatland, exerts the most physical strength. Beowulf doesn\'t want to use a s

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  • Sole Survivor This story is called Sole Survivor written by Ruthanne McCunn. It is based on a true story of one man\'s will to survive. It\'s an inspiration to all of mankind. This story is about a steward of the ship "S.S. Benlomond" which was torpedoed during the war. Lim was the only survivor. He survived on a wood life raft from the ship. Lim lived 133 days out at sea using his wits and will to keep him alive. Lim was awarded many tributes such as; a watch, the British Empire Medal, the Cert

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  • A Study of Jack London?s Belief in Darwinism Jack London has a strong belief in Darwinism, survival of the fittest, during the late 1800?s through the early 1900?s, when he wrote. Throughout his writings, many characters display London?s belief in Darwinism. In the novel, The Call of the Wild, Jack London?s belief in the Darwinian Jungle is portrayed by animals interacting with humans, each other, and the environment. This can be shown through Buck, a house dog turned sled dog, interacting with

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  • All Quiet on the Western Front All Quiet on the Western Front is by Erich Maria Remarque. This book was an extraordinary war story. Remarque uses excellent words and phrases to describe crucial details of the book. Remarque had first hand experience because he was a German in World War I. So he expresses his opinions through Paul the main character of the book. One of the strongest themes in this book is that war makes man inhuman. From the author\'s point of view soldiers was often compared to

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  • Softball and Much More Lisa O\'Grady I was sitting alone on the front step of the school, worried about what I was getting myself into. It was the first day of softball tryouts my junior year, and I never even met my coach. I skipped the team meeting two weeks prior to tryouts, so I never got to meet her face to face. She is a gym teacher at the school, so I had seen her around all of the time. I was just too intimidated by her, so I never tried to talk to her. It turns out that this person that

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  • Patricide In the time of the Romans, the punishment for patricide was to be sewn up in a sack that had a monkey, snake, rooster, and dog inside, and then to be thrown in a river. Each of the animals in the bag had some specific meaning to them, and being sewn up in a sack and tossed into the river also had a specific function to the murderer. Thus this punishment became the proper way to punish the guilty. In the Roman era, patricide had become a major problem, so it was decided that for whomeve

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  • Hamlet - The "Real" Tragedy In Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the death of a character becomes a frequent event. Although many people lose their lives as a result of their own self-centered wrong-doing, there are others whose death are a result of manipulation from the royalty. This is the case of Polonius? family. The real tragedy of Hamlet is not that of Hamlet or his family but of Polonius? family because their deaths were not the consequence of sinful actions of their own but rather by thei

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  • Macbeth The story Macbeth took place in Scotland. Macbeth was a well respected warrior, also highly respected by Duncan the king. He later meets 3 witches and they give him 3 prophecies and both of them come true right away except for the one that he is to be king. So Macbeth makes this happen for him by killing Duncan in his sleep while he was staying at his castle for the night. Macbeth does a good job of hiding this from the others. No one would have ever suspected him. Macbeth is then crowne

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  • Minnesota Iron Range Dialect EngL 3851 Fall 1998 I am a Minnesotan. I have lived here all my life and may continue to do so. Stereotype me: The 10 o\'clock news is my window dressing for the 10 o\'clock weather (Mohr, 9). You betcha it is. Yah. I wouldn\'t want you to think that I\'m not happy here-it could be worse. Lutefisk. . . umm, my favorite. Are you close; is this representative of myself and most my fellow Minnesotans? Forgive us, but this is slightly, no this is completely ludicrous. Fo

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  • Thomas Cobb When Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, Thomas Cobb realized that the South had suffered a major loss in power. Since the Republican party controlled the executive, there was no way the South could have any say in the government. All their opinions could be easily disregarded by the North; their neglect of the Fugitive Slave Law was a perfect example of this. Cobb also understood that the Northerner?s sudden patriotism for the Union was quite out of place. Only fifty-four

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  • Death of an Innocent I went to a party mom, I remembered what you said. You told me not to drink, Mom, so I drank soda instead. I really felt proud inside, Mom, the way you said I would. I didn?t drink and drive, Mom, even though the others said I should. I know I did the right thing, Mom, I know you were always right. Now the party is finally ending, Mom ,as everyone is driving out of sight. As I got into my car, Mom, but as I pulled out into the road the other car didn?t see me, Mom, and now I

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  • My Gift To You The World My gift to you is somewhat strange, it\'s hidden and silent, alone and unheard, but it still lives beneath the darkened sun, it\'s love and hope and joy and sight, it\'s knowing what\'s right and wrong, it cried for life, and I heard it cry, I\'ve tried to lift its spirits high, to let other people wonder of its glow, its burn for eternal happiness, our burn for eternal peace. To give these it\'s hard, to respect them it\'s harder, I\'ve watched others, and seen them tur

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  • What is a Good Novel? Modernism is a generic term applied to the beginnings of the "new literature" that came with the twentieth century. In Great Britain, it followed Victorian period, steeped with grandiose subject matter and moralizing, didactic themes and lessons. In 1901 Arnold Bennet published The "Average Reader" and the Recipe for Popularity. He describes in this short essay somewhat satirically, what to do when one wants to write a novel that will have mass appeal. In this essay it will

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  • To Kill a Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee is an ageless classic that takes place during the 1930s. In the fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama, there was a deadly racial attitude towards the people who were different then the general public. In a town of tunnel vision and hatred, Atticus and Scout stood out with open minds. Atticus was the anchor of reason in Maycomb. He understood many people in town and taught his children how to understand other people\'s feeling as well. Attic

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  • Death of a Salesman - Willy The differences between eighteenth-century literature and romantic poems, with respect to history is constituted here. This is seen through the influential works of John Keats and Alexander Pope. These works are acknowledged as, "The Rape of Lock" and "The Eve of St. Agnes." Alexander Pope takes his readers on a hatred filled epic. A robust piece of literature and love induced psychoses in, "The Rape of Lock." On the other hand, "The Eve of St. Agnes" told a tale of l

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  • Paul Whiteman Ch.12 Paul Whiteman(1890-1967)= a classically trained violinist and violist who adored jazz but lacked the gift to emulate the uninhibited improvisations of the jazz musicians he admired, formed a dance band in the early twenties that played jazzy arrangements of popular and even classical melodies. Blues = a black vocal folk music, began as vocal (largely instrumental). Classical blues = based on 3 lines of text. Wild wame don?t do the blues. Urban Blues = blues pieces written for

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  • Martha Ballard We as a society are fortunate. We have the luxury of advanced technology to include: computers, telephones, video teleconferencing equipment, cellular phones, beepers, and hospitals with the latest gadgets and gizmos. Our technology is available only because of documented historical accounts. Our idea of work is having to get in our vehicles and driving to our destination and sometimes sitting behind a desk all day to push paper; the worst any of us suffers is a traffic jam here o

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  • VCR vs. DVD INTRODUCTION This report will strive to clearly discern the differences between the average home Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) and the recently developed Digital Video Disc (DVD) system. These two home entertainment components have very clear differences. It is important for consumers to carefully consider each of these concerns before deciding on the home entertainment component that is right for them. When considering the purchase of a home VCR or DVD system, consumers should caref

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  • Literature - a Mirror of Society The literature of a country is affected and influenced by how the people of that country live. This paper will prove that The French Revolution greatly influenced 19th Century French Romanticism. First, the cultural values of the revolution will be identified. Then, the different aspects of Romanticism will be presented. The cultural values of The French Revolution and Romanticism will then be linked. Finally, literary examples will be shown to support this conne

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  • The Catcher in the Rye: An Innocence Lost The Catcher in the Rye is a book by J. D. Salinger and the story of a boy named Holden Caufield. He is no longer innocent, but exposed to the world. Phoebe, Holden\'s sister, is the opposite she is quite the innocent, never really being exposed to the world outside her protective bubble. Holden wants to protect such precious innocence only found in the children as a guardian of the innocent a catcher in the rye. The Catcher in the Rye is fundamentally a

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  • The Hospital Window The death of a loved one can put unimaginable stress on the loved ones of the deceased. This stress can make one\'s life chaotic and unpleasant for long periods of time if the mourners do not underezd the death. James Dickey, who believes, "poetry is the center of the creative wheel," wrote the poem, "The Hospital Window". The relationship between mourners and death becomes apparent in this "simple 54-line poem . . . about a parent\'s dying as a transformative experience, and

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  • Dante\'s Canto XXVIII Dante begins the opening of Canto XXVIII with a rhetorical question. Virgil and he have just arrived in the Ninth Abyss of the Eighth Circle of hell. In this pouch the Sowers of Discord and Schism are continually wounded by a demon with a sword. Dante poses a question to the reader: Who, even with untrammeled words and many attempts at telling, ever could recount in full the blood and wounds that I now saw? (Lines 1-3) The rhetorical question draws the reader into the passa

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  • The Tragedy of Macbeth The Tragedy of Macbeth is plagued with the images that coincide with its many themes. Although there is really no central theme and all seem to intermingle, it would be extremely difficult to research the play in its entirety. Therefore, I\'ve chosen to focus my study towards the recurring image of blood and how it\'s presence affected both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and the eventual outcome of the play. The blood images in the play had different effects on the two. But perh

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  • The Yellow Wallpaper - Journey into Insanity In "The Yellow Wallpaper", by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the dominant/submissive relationship between an oppressive husband and his submissive wife pushes her from depression into insanity. Flawed human nature seems to play a great role in her breakdown. Her husband, a noted physician, is unwilling to admit that there might really be something wrong with his wife. This same attitude is seen in her brother, who is also a physician. While this attitude,

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  • The Naked Ape In The Naked Ape, Desmond Morris provides an alternative explanation of the causative factors underlying various human behavior patterns and societal and cultural activities. He develops his theme around such human activities as feeding, grooming, sleeping, fighting, mating and care of the young. He compares human traits and behaviors with those exhibited by animals, mainly the primates, in like activities. His point is that understanding the evolutionary source of many behaviors c

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  • Also Known As... Nicknames are a substitute of a name given to a person in fun, affection, and belittlement, usually descriptive. They can also be used to shorten a person\'s name, like "Dick," for Richard. Nicknames, whether positive or negative, are only describing a person\'s general characteristics. Although hurtful nicknames can lower a persons\' reputation and self-esteem, joyful nicknames give the person a sense of pride. O.K., first of all people sometimes take a nickname way too far. Pe

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  • Forrest Gump by Winston Groom: Analysis 1. Forrest Gump is a novel about a mentally challenged man who overcomes his handicap and explores the world in an adventurous way. Gump has no direction in life; he just spends each day discovering more and more about the world, without any plan or schedule to guide him. "...I am tole they is lettin me out of the Army early. It don\'t take but a day or so, and then I am gone...Now I got to decide what to do." This proves how Gump goes from one adventure t

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  • Ray Douglas Bradbury Ray Douglas Bradbury was born in Waukegan, Illinois on August 22,1920. He was the third born son of Leonard Spauldling Bradbury and Esther Marie Moberg Bradbury. In the fall of 1926 the Bradbury family moved from their home in Waukegan to Tucson, Arizona. However, their stay there only lasted until May of 1927 when they moved back to their original habitation. Bradbury began writing his own literature on butcher paper when he was 11 years old. Ray and his family moved again

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  • Ceremonies in "The Waste Land" Ceremonies are prevalent throughout T.S. Eliot?s poem "The Waste Land". Eliot relies on literary contrasts to illustrate the specific values of meaningful, effectual rituals of primitive society in contrast to the meaningless, broken, sham rituals of the modern day. These contrasts serve to show how ceremonies can become broken when they are missing vital components, or they are overloaded with too many. Even the way language is used in the poem furthers the point

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  • The Boldness of Courage ?You?re the Devil?s man!? (118), Mary Warren cried out when she accused John Proctor of working for the devil. Courage is defined as mental or moral strength to face danger without fear. This is supported in Arthur Miller?s The Crucible. Throughout the Salem witch trials in the 1600?s, courage was that good people held in to, even through the toughest times. To illustrate this, an example of someone with courage is John Proctor. Proctor is a farmer with a wife, Elizabeth,

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  • Madness in Shakespeare\'s Hamlet Madness may be ?mental incapacity caused by an unmentionable injury.? Such wounds often are not easily perceived but may be revealed in time of stress. Hamlet?s question, ?have you a daughter??(Act II. Sc2 182) Polonius about the Prince?s emotional state. What is hidden will surely be told to Cloudius by his adviser. Laertes? search for revenge is sharper proof that madness in degrees of publicity causes harm to the observers. Claudius promise ?no wind of blame?(

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  • Soliloquies in Shakespeare\'s Macbeth Even though people in retributive justice feel satisfaction, the perpetrator can also suffer. William Shakespeare?s powerful Macbeth shows the deterioration of an honourable and respectable general, Macbeth, who becomes a tragic hero after temptations from the witches and his wife to perform murders. Macbeth soliloquies enable the audience to experience the conflict within Macbeth and thus, gain an understanding of the reasons for his behavior and decisions.

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  • Literary Analysis of The Scarlet Letter In chapter 20 of Nathaniel Hawthorne\'s novel The Scarlet Letter, Hester and Dimmesdale plan to leave the colony on the fourth day en route for the Old World. Dimmesdale\'s decision to leave with Hester fills him with a sense of freedom from his place of torture, Boston. By creating false hopes for the future, he relinquishes his suffering from his guilt conscience. When Dimmesdale returns from the forest, he is not sure that the recent event with Hester a

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  • Robert Frost "Do not follow where the path may lead... Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Robert Frost Everyone is a traveler, choosing the roads to follow on the map of their continuous journey, life. There is never a straight path that leaves one with but a sole direction in which to head. Regardless of the original message that Robert Frost had intended to convey, his poem, "The Road Not Taken", has left its readers with many different interpretations. It is one\'s past, p

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  • The Storm Nature\'s tears, the pounding rain, Cruelly mimic my resounding pain. Opaque clouds conceal her soul, But mine is open, a bottomless hole That never heals, can never be cured, Love dies inside, so rest assured I shall no longer flood the land With endless droplets wiped by hand. Wait! Suddenly the horizon brightens, Hope and fear in my heart heightens. The myth of the clouds with the silver lining Breaks the spell that was once confining, For now I feel my spirits rise As nature hersel

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  • The Catcher in the Rye I. Critical Biography J.D. Salinger is an American author who wrote the famous novel "The Catcher in the Rye." It was written in 1951, (encyclopedia, Pg. 60). It ranks as a minor classic. This story is popular among American high school and college students. Salinger was born in New York City in 1919. His full name is Jarome David Salinger. Salinger has written several other books in his life. Salinger wrote some later fiction that centered on the Glass Family. The

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  • The Crucible - Witch Trials In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the madness of the Salem witch trials is explored in great detail. There are many theories as to why the witch trials came about, the most popular of which is the girls\' suppressed childhoods. However, there were other factors as well, such as Abigail Williams\' affair with John Proctor, the secret grudges that neighbors held against each other, and the physical and economic differences between the citizens of Salem Village. From a h

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  • Edgar Allan Poe Many authors have made great contributions to the world of literature. Mark Twain introduced Americans to life on the Mississippi. Thomas Hardy wrote on his pessimistic views of the Victorian Age. Another author that influenced literature is Edgar Allan Poe. Poe is known as the father of the American short story and father of the detective story. To underezd the literary contributions of Edgar Allan Poe, one must look at his early life, his literary life, and a summary of two of

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