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  • Influence of Moral Reasoning CRT/205 April 13, 2014 Captain E.F. Rollins Influence of Moral Reasoning • What were the actions taken by the person you chose? Penn State President, Graham Spanier, failed to report alleged incidents in which Penn State football assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, had inappropriate contact with minors that ranged from groping to anal sex (Amiel, 2011). Spanier chose to ignore these allegations because he did not investigate to see if there was any foundation to these

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  • What is Critical Thinking? Revisited CRT/205 April 17, 2014 Captain E.F. Rollins What is Critical Thinking? Revisited • What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is the analysis of the written and spoken word, but it is much more involved than just analysis. It is having the ability to identify the different devices used to persuade someone into believing or coming to the conclusion the author or speaker is trying to steer you toward. It is essential to be able to identify these in order to

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  • The Importance of Deductive Reasoning CRT/205 April 6, 2014 Captain E.F. Rollins The Importance of Deductive Reasoning The reason that it is important to understand what is known prior to making a decision is you cannot make a good decision without knowing what it is that you are deciding on. For example in Argument 2, Mark wants to lease his dream vehicle, a Jeep, and to continue to live life without considering his growing family (University of Phoenix, n.d.). Sally, on the other hand, wants

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  • Vagueness, Ambiguity, and Clarity in Writing CRT/205 March 7, 2014 Captain E.F. Rollins Vagueness, Ambiguity, and Clarity in Writing • Identify what is vague and what is ambiguous about each. In Example 2, the vague statement is, “I was thrown from my truck as it left the road.” The ambiguous statement is, “I was later found in a ditch by a flock of wild turkeys.” In Example 3, the vague statement is, “Next Sunday a collection will be taken to help with the cost of the new altar.” The ambiguous

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  • What is Critical Thinking? CRT/205 February 23, 2014 Captain E.F. Rollins What is Critical Thinking? Critical thinking is more than just thinking about an issue. Critical thinking is analyzing our original thoughts about an idea or issue. In our text, critical thinking is defined as, “what we do when we critique the first kind of thinking – subject it to rational evaluation” (University of Phoenix, 2012, p. 2). To think critically, there are several things you should do such as identify what is

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  • Dunn English IV 11/6/15 There have been many heroes though time, but not all of them tragic. William Shakespeare’s story of Macbeth, being about a war hero whom receives titles from his feats. Macbeth’s role is a tragic hero corrupt by greed, and his misfortune only grows. Macbeth is visited by three witches who come to him and give him prophetic-like news. They tell him he will become Thane of Cawdor and King. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, however, are not content with his new title of Thane, and

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  • Mr. Raymond Raymond’s Run 27 January 2016 In the story Raymond’s run written by Toni Cade Bambara the main characters are in a conflict of who is better and who is faster in running races. The characters where in a competition that began the conflict in the story. Through the dialog between the main characters (Squeaky and Gretchen) the conflict was created, the conflict was solved when Squeaky won the Town race by her reaction from her brother’s behavior in the end of the race and by showing t

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  • , And no one else, I only want you, And no one else, When I’m with you, I only see you, When I’m in your arms, I feel safe, When I’m not near you, My heart hurts for you until were together again, I love you like no other person, You were my best-friend, But then we became so much more, And I don\'t regret it, Not even for a minute, Even if we are not together anymore, And are friendship ended. I Only Want You & So Does My Heart.

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  • Pascal\'s Wager is the idea that, if you don\'t know whether there is an afterlife. Dualists • There are two aspects to human beings, a physical body and a non-physical soul • They tend to believe in life after death Monists/materialists The monist view states that we are physical bodies only. Once we die, that\'s it. Emotions are simply psycho-chemical reactions and nothing more. The Problem Whether the mind and body are one of the same nature (monistic view) or whether they have two natures (

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  • Kino found a pearl It was as big as a girl Now Kino was as rich as a king During the weather of spring After that Kino met a doctor His name was Procter He wanted to buy the Pearl Because it was as good as a murl Kino said no to the offer Because it was a bother And it reminded of him of his canother That looks like another After that Kino left his house To go find a blouse And was later greeted by beggars They were a bunch of trolls Who would want nothing but rolls When they saw the Pearl they

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  • ? In classical mythology, Cupid (Latin Cupido, meaning "desire") is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. He is often portrayed as the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars, and is known in Latin also as Amor ("Love"). His Greek counterpart is Eros. Who is Aurora? Aurora is the Latin word for dawn, and the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology and Latin poetry. Like Greek Eos and Rigvedic Ushas (and possibly Germanic Ostara), Aurora continues the name of an earlier

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  • Book Review COM585 February 14, 2006 Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed By Jakob Nielsen & Marie Tahir Introduction: In the book, "Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed," Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir take 50 homepages, chosen because of the popularity or prominence of the company, agency or institution they represent, and examine their effectiveness. According to the authors, the homepage is the most important page on any web site. Nielsen and Tahir discuss the role of the h

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  • Name : ID : 14033154 Home work : Refection for negation skill In previous week I was meeting with my employee to negotiation his offer. The negotiation skills is importance for manager. Negotiation is generally thought to be a compromise which is aimed at benefiting our interests as much as possible. It therefore is often associated with conflict resolution within organisations and occurs \'when people with differing needs or goals are prevented - or perceived that they are being prevented - by

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  • Name : ID : 14033151 Alternative Assignment: Literature Review on Negotiation Negotiation needs to define their process where parties to a potential conflict attempt to resolve that conflict by coming to an agreement. Negotiation is generally thought to be a compromise which is aimed at benefiting our interests as much as possible. It therefore is often associated with conflict resolution within organisations and occurs \'when people with differing needs or goals are prevented - or perceived tha

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  • Margaret Tarratt (from Film Genre Reader IV) 383 Although the majority of science fiction films appear to express some kind of concern with the moral state of contemporary society, many are more directly involved with an examination of our inner nature. ‘This article will argue that these films are deeply involved with the concepts of Freudian psychoanalysis and seem in many cases to derive their structure from it.’ They may deal with society as a whole, but they arrive at social comment throug

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  • Gurtegh Hora Period 1 is inevitable that one cannot escape and avoid the pain and sorrow that follows. Death cannot be avoided in any way, shape or form. This is seen in both poems Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden and Spring and Fall: To a Young Child by Gerard Manley Hopkins 1918. Death is so dreadful that it impacts everything starting with the environment and leading all the way to the outcomes of death. Death is so horrific that it even affects nature and the environment of one as a whole. “He wa

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  • Lauren Sladic English 2nd hour December 16, 2014 Henderhan In conclusion, the way that Juliet fell head over heels for Romeo showed how much her tragic flaw hurt both the of them. She met him at a dance then thought this is the man of my dreams and how she couldn’t love another soul. Then she desperately tries to get out of another marriage forced by her parents by going to desperate measures and fake killing herself without fully awarding Romeo. The way she used her love with Romeo to draw meas

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  • Lauren Sladic English 9 Henderhan November 18, 2014 In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet\'s character flaw is her most notable tragic flaw. Her Flaw is that she falls in love too easily. After the Capulets dance she fell in love with Romeo and couldn\'t get over him. Romeo went to her home where he could\'ve been killed but he did it for love. Juliet was sitting at her window and cried “Romeo…be but sworn my love, and ill no longer be a Capulet” (760)What she is saying that because of her l

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  • Ms Piersma ENG 3U October 28, 2015 Betrayal in Macbeth To the majority, betrayal is seen as contrary to our human nature. But, to some individuals betrayal is used as a tool to achieve goals. In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth characters display acts of betrayal in order to elevate themselves with no regard for themselves of others. First, the act of betrayal is perpetrated. Following, the individuals experience the consequences of their betrayal. Finally, others begin to feel the consequences of

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  • Set in the country village of Longbourn in Hertfordshire, the story revolves around the Bennet family and their five unmarried daughters. They are the first family of consequence in the village, unfortunately the Longbourn estate is entailed by default to a male heir, their cousin Mr. William Collins. This is distressful to Mrs. Bennet who knows that she must find husbands for her daughters or they shall all be destitute if her husband should die. Mr. Bennet is not as concerned and spends his ti

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  • A bear, however hard he tries Grows tubby without exercise. Our Teddy Bear is short and fat, Which is not to be wondered at; He gets what exercise he can By falling off the ottoman, But generally seems to lack The energy to clamber back. Now tubbiness is just the thing Which gets a fellow wondering; And Teddy worried lots about The fact that he was rather stout. He thought: "If only I were thin! But how does anyone begin?" He thought: "It really isn\'t fair To grudge one exercise and air." For

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  • T06 Winona Roxanne 19 The Yellow House Preschool at Dunearn Road is a preschool that takes in children from 18 months to 6 year olds. Located conveniently by the main road, the school has a balanced mix of expatriates’ children as well as of locals’. I conducted an interview on the 21st of May with one of the educators who has been working in the preschool for six years. Throughout the ten questions asked, it is clear that the top three most distinct principles of Nurturing Young Learners that t

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  • English 118 April 5, 2014 Life With Smartphones When the first time smartphone introduced by Apple or Samsung, I was not embarrassed to show off my 8 years old mobile phone in front of my friends, but today that is what’s happening. Smartphone is a device not only used as a convenient tool but has now become a way for people to show off. According to Wikipedia, smartphone first conceptualized and started by Theodore Paraskevakos in 1971. He was the first to introduce the concepts of intelligenc

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  • Forbidden knowledge Final essay Final essay It is often said that all a person needs, to get by in life is to be loved by someone. If this is true, then nearly everybody in this world has everything they need because most people are lucky enough to be loved unconditionally by their parents. However, sometimes love and attention is all children get from their parents. Children also need disciple and moral lessons from their parents in order to be successful adults. Applying this idea to Mary She

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  • Forbidden knowledge December 11, 2015 Outline for final essay 1. Compare and contrast three parent/child relationships in Frankenstein, one of which must be the relationship between Victor and his monster. What does it mean to be a good or bad parent? A good or bad child? What do we learn about parenting from this text? Thesis: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein explores parental absence in it various forms. As she was a victim of parental absence herself, Shelley’s novel provide a theme on the role o

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  • Creative writing Final draft short story It was a hot summer day in Bethlehem, USA, all the kids were coming home for their summer vacations. The town that was once calm and peaceful, was now crowded. Everyone was complaining about all those noisy kids in town, but deep down they were very happy, everybody loved that time of the year. Those noisy kids were the ones who brought life to that small town. Stephen, the hot guy in town was there, all the girls dreamed about him. He was tall and athle

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  • Creative writing Shot story Innocent Cesar was a young man in the late 30\'s, who liked the good and easy life, so he and his friends started a gang so that they could steal from the people from Grandview Town. They started small, stealing a wallet one day, then a small store the next day. However, it wasn\'t enough for them, they wanted more, much more, so Cesar, who was the gang leader said to the other guys “if we continue to steal only small things, we will never be rich. It will take use y

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  • Literary Analysis of “Fisherman” by Kurt Brown English 100 – Effective College English I Prof. Stef Donev April 27, 2012 Literary Analysis of “Fisherman” by Kurt Brown In Kurt Brown’s poem “Fisherman”, he reveals how life can be related to the action of fishing in the ocean. The poet tries to interpret how a man goes about his daily life fishing, with hope of trying to find something greater within him. He states this in the first and second lines of the poem, “A man spends his whole life fishi

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  • “Life is a Journey” Vs. “Life is a Battle” English 100 – Effective College English I Prof. Stef Donev April 20, 2012 Adult Education Mortimer J. Adler makes many points in “Adult Education”, that gives understanding of what being educated is. Not only does Adler claim that wisdom and maturity is gained later on in life, but is also determined with the life experiences that one surpasses and goes through. There are some strong points that Adler states, but there are quite a few of them I complet

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  • There has not been another day like January 28, 2009, in Greenville, North Carolina. The town experienced a storm that covered Greenville with more than ten inches of snow. I was not prepared to encounter a difficult situation in which my life would be at risk due to my inexperience with driving in the snow. I took my chances and drove myself to school knowing that every weatherman was informing every driver to seek refuge and stay home during the storm. Needless to say, a great lesson was lear

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  • God created everything so perfect, at His image and took the time to give marvelous details to each creature. From the smallest animal that it’s ever been found, to the gigantism creatures that astonish every man’s eye, God’s creation is more than amazingly formed. There are plenty creatures that are interesting to learn about, but spiders are one of those creatures that delight anyone whose desire is to appreciate God’s wonderful work. There are three special kinds of spiders that are wonderfu

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  • People often say money isn’t everything however this true. Money is a major part in gaining a college education. Therefore as an upcoming college freshman I wish to obtain any scholarship I can. I am from Missouri City, Texas unlike some students home is not around the corner. Secondly, I come from a very larger family and this fall my parents will have two students in college. Lastly, I don’t desire to take out any loans if I don’t need to. Money is not everything but I need it to start my new

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  • Fugu is a fish caught off the Pacific shores of Japan. The fish has held a special significance for me ever since my mother died through eating one. The poison resides in the sexual glands of the fish, inside two fragile bags. When preparing the fish, these bags must be removed with caution, for any clumsiness will result in the poison leaking into the veins. Regrettably, it is not easy to tell whether or not this operation has been carried out successfully. The proof is, as it were, in the eat

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  • Chase Payne Payne 1 English 1000 27 Sept, 2015 Students are their own best teachers. Agree or disagree? In my opinion I do believe that students are their own best teachers. No matter if it\'s cooking kraft dinner or driving a standard vehicle, sure somebody can show you how to do it but it’s ultimately up to yourself to practice and develop those skills. In the very beginning of human life when there was no society like today or industrialization just men and women adapting to their surrounding

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  • Fugu is a fish caught off the Pacific shores of Japan. The fish has held a special significance for me ever since my mother died through eating one. The poison resides in the sexual glands of the fish, inside two fragile bags. When preparing the fish, these bags must be removed with caution, for any clumsiness will result in the poison leaking into the veins. Regrettably, it is not easy to tell whether or not this operation has been carried out successfully. The proof is, as it were, in the eat

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  • herots lair The description of Herot comes early in the poem. It is filled with light and singing. Hrothgar\'s men gather there to tell stories, sing hymns, and praise god. It is a place of fellowship and camaraderie. It was built strong to "stand forever." It was fashioned with " ivory and iron and wood," and stood in "splendor." Grendals lair Steams like black clouds, and the groves of trees Growing out over their lake are all covered With frozen spray, and wind down snakelike Roots that reach

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  • You do not need to write out any answers to these questions.. However, they may help you to identify information to review for the quiz. III.i 1. What do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern report to the king and queen about their success with Hamlet? 2. What plan do the king and Polonius devise to test whether or not the cause of Hamlet’s conduct is love for Ophelia? 3. Explain the contents of Polonius’ lines “We are oft to blame in this – Tis too much proved, -that with devotion’s visage / and pious

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  • Professor Shields GUST 0305 T/Th. 8:25-9:55 07 October 2013 Chapter 3 Journal 10 (p.105) MY DREAM AS A STUDENT As a student, I want to be an architect. I love to paint and draw. Architecture is a profession that I have pursued for 10 years, and it would definitely be something I pursue lifelong career, so it is one professional that I considered very noble My Short-Term Goals in This role In 2015, I need to get a good grade in the school, avoid the bad social, I need to study and study, do not

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  • ESOL 0372 Prof. Leal 11.16.2015 Narrative Essay When I was a high school student, like most students, I also wanted to go to a well-known, prestigious university. Thus, I determined to apply to Viet Nam University, which is one of the most prestigious universities. I tried to pass the entrance exam, but I couldn\'t pass it. As a result, I went to “Hong Ban” University, and felt the first disappointment in my life. However, in the principal’s speech at the entrance meeting, he encouraged me. He

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  • ESOL 0372 Book Reading Exercise (BRE) #2 Reading changed my life Daisy Russel spent her unfortunate childhood a violent father, a gold seeker. Her family often had to move all over the country looking for the pot of gold. There fore, between first and sixth grades, Daisy attended seventeen different schools. As a result, it affects alot on her education. Her father considered girls don’t need education and. When Daisy was about a year old, if her mother didn’t stop him, he tried to give Daisy a

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  • ESOL 0382 Prof. Marceau November 15. 2015 Writing Task #5 (a job you want) First, you need to think about what you are good at. Usually the things we love are the things we are good at. Research the fields and options that best deal with those interests so you can spend your time at work doing things that you enjoy. To begin, you can start off by simply researching job titles online. Second, talk to people who work in a variety of jobs. This will give you a better sense of what certain jobs ent

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  • ESOL 0372 Prof. Leal 11.11.2015 Reading Changed My Life! (BR#4) THREE TRUE STORIES After a lifetime of abuse, Maria Cardenas was finally living in peace with her daughter. But soon, that little girl would be able to read better than her mother. What could Maria do? School was a nightmare for Daisy Russell. She couldn’t wait to get away from a place where she felt stupid and worthless. But once she dropped out, she discovered a burning desire to learn to read. Was it too late? As a child, Julia

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  • PROMPT: It has been said that a positive attitude is the key to success in life. Do you agree or disagree with this statement about the importance of attitude? Take a position on this issue. Support your response with reasons and specific examples. I agree with the statement that a positive attitude is the key to success in life. Not only does a positive attitude lead to greater success, it also makes it easier to gain inner peace, better health, improved relationships, happiness, and satisfacti

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  • PROMPT: “actions speak louder than words” agree or disagree? I support the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” Words carry a lot of weight, from what we say to how we say it, but it is through our actions that truly show the sincerity and bring things into being. In many cases, what people say don’t necessarily line up with what they are really doing or planning on doing. It’s easier to understand words than to interpret a person’s actions. However, actions have a greater appeal than words

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  • PROMPT: Some people say that most teenagers are careless and do not think about the consequences of their actions. Do you agree or disagree with this idea? Take a position on this question. Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion. Most teenagers are careless and don’t think about consequences because they’re reckless, forgetful, and inexperienced. Teens make choices in the heat of the moment without thinking about the outcome. During a person’s adolescent years, the brain is s

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  • PROMPT: Some states have now made it illegal to drive while using a hand-held cell phone. Do you agree or disagree with this law? Why or why not? Take a position on the issue. Support your response with reasons and examples. Is it really that important to check your cell phone while driving? Many drivers today use their cell phones while driving and see it as a harmless act. Cell phones are now not only a form of communication, but also a distraction and dangerous item. People think that checkin

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  • The lone lady above the rest, in her tower, only sees shadows, but never sees reality. In Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott”, a theme that embowered the Lady of Shalott may represent an artist who is high above normal life. She is an imprisoned woman who acts as a symbol for the isolation experienced by the artist. The Lady of Shalott creates her own loneliness and imprisonment, which results in her being unable to deal with the outside world. Her perspective is corrupted when she lo

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  • Professor Frazier English 1101-125 22 October 2015 My Days in Jekyll Every year, I go to Jekyll Island for an engineering trip. The group is called TSA (Technology Student Association). Students in TSA from different schools would compete in all kinds of engineering competitions. The time I went that was the most fun was last year with our new engineering teacher, Mrs. Carter. We would be staying for 3 days and since it was professional, we had to bring business clothes. That morning of the day

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  • The author Barbara Lazear Ascher breaks down the definition of compassion whether if it’s something that a person will exhibit when confronted by dangerous situation. For example, when a beggar walks into a bakery or a food store, the store owner immediately gives that beggar some food because she fears that man may ruin the store’s image or may scare customers away. She questions in present day, this scene gets replicated in so many different parts of the country. It makes us ask: Is this comp

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  • About Me There are many different places in the world that have their own features. Besides that, different people also have different personalities. People like places that make them feel comfortable and relaxed, and that place can express the personality of that person effectively. I chose the airport as the best place to define who I truly am as a person and how I relate to others. It best describes my personality because I am a very complex individual. When you are in the airport, you would

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